Rancho Springs Medical Center Patient Testimonial – Sean Vaughn

My name is Sean Vaughn and I was taken to
the emergency room at Rancho Springs Medical Center and
it saved my life. Kim and I were eating dinner one night
and all of a sudden I felt like somebody
grabbed my throat. He never hardly tells me when something’s
wrong, but I absolutely knew that
something was wrong. So she went up and took me to Rancho
Springs, got in there and took me right
away. Most people don’t live through what Sean
lived through and um, to detect it first of all usually isn’t
detected until the person dies and then
they’re on the coroner’s table. I received the report shortly thereafter
that he had a thoracic aortic dissection and the specific type that he had
required transfer to a tertiary care
center. I must have called every hospital in the
local area to include LA County,
Riverside, all over the place. He kept getting “No, we can’t help you.
No, we can’t help you.” Well, he did not give up. He fought to find a hospital that would
take my husband and it’s not just any
hospital, it had to be a hospital with a thoracic
surgeon. It was a complex case, and the thoracic
surgeons just weren’t comfortable with
it. He was gonna do everything in his power
that he could do to save my husband’s
life. So, in order to save Sean’s life, we
needed to fly him out to be cared for by
a subspecialist. And I watched this doctor actually run
through the hallway. He actually ran through the hallway. And he says “We got something for you” Boom, boom boom and I’m getting on that
helicopter in twelve minutes. Timing is huge and timing is everything
or else I’m not here to tell this story
any more. I’m not here at all. Seeing Sean today was probably one of the
best moments of my life. You know, he’s not supposed to be alive,
statistically, you know, and it was pretty amazing as a doctor to
know that you were a part of saving your
life. From what I see, Sean’s doing amazing. He’s gonna have limitations, of course,
but, um, he really looked good today. He looked happy. I’m able to walk around the block, I’m
able to get outside and exercise a little
bit, you know. I still can live pretty much a normal
life. Just having your husband, next to you and
now that he has a valve, and I can hear it every night, I can hear
his heart beating and I’m grateful. Just really grateful. I want to give thanks to Rancho Springs
Hospital and the doctor who made the call that he made which was
recognizing what happened to me and basically his decision of what he did
saved my life.

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