100 thoughts on “Rami Malek Served Doctors Lasagna off a Hospital Floor

  1. Man it's so weird seeing him this confident and exuberant, it's as if it's Elliot slipping into the Mr. Robot persona

  2. I love the way, Jimmy makes interview with his guest, calm and he shows respect and his eyes showing interest while his guest is talking.

  3. Sounds just like a pharmaceutical rep theyd serve you shit if they could probably do, you know what to us the people

  4. LOL LOL LOLLLL first the pizza story then the lasagna story dude he never catches a break with these food jobs XD especially Italian foods

  5. Omyglob =(((( hospitals are not always that clean (which is why patients who don't need admission are recommended as ojtpatients)

    Resistant bacteria (unless their hospital is THAT validated to be clean)

  6. why are rami's stories always sound so dangerous? like that story of him swapping with his brother for points so he could graduate (this couldve jeopardized his diploma), and then thay story when he asked an older woman out when he was 17 and said that he was 28 (if it went further, it couldve gotten the woman in trouble, legally), and now this (which couldve resulted in diarrhea for the people who ate that lasagna). lmao

  7. I am awake at 2:31 right now and I am Ill I don’t care I want to watch rami malek we are the true malek fans

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