Rally and ribbon cutting at new Fairview Heights Planned Parenthood

>>As abortion access throughout this
state hangs on by a thread, this new health center, along with all
other abortion providers in the area, will be an oasis of sexual and
reproductive healthcare and education, not only for patients in Illinois but
for the entire region.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That means whether you are from Belleville, Edwardsville,
Missouri, Indiana, Louisiana, or Kentucky, there will be a place for
you here at Planned Parenthood.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I, myself, used Planned Parenthood when I
was first out of nursing school, because they were accessible to somebody
who didn’t have a lot of money yet. And I loved the services that they gave. They were always friendly and supportive,
no matter what you wanted to do. I referred my younger sisters to them. Being 64,
I remember the time before Roe v Wade. I remember my mother having to get my
father’s permission to get birth control. I remember a high school
friend who was molested and got pregnant, and
had to go to a backstreet abortionist. It was a traumatic experience for
her, it wasn’t good. That’s the kind of thing
that we wanna avoid. That’s what we want to prevent legislators
from changing, from taking away from us. And I say to all of those
people who wanna take away our right to control our bodies,
we’re not giving up.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>No, Planned Parenthood is not gonna give up. I’m not gonna give up. My family is not gonna give up. We’re going to be here to support
those people who need services, whatever services they need. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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