Radiation Therapy at Mayo Clinic

The collaborative environment at Mayo
Clinic really is the strength of Mayo Clinic. Mayo is different than any other
healthcare facility clinic or hospital. The radiation oncology decision of the
treatment plan that we end up formulating truly is one that is best
for the patient. We’re more than just a cancer center. We’re able to treat a
patient as a whole, were able to draw upon the experience of all medical
specialties here at Mayo Clinic. I have amazing collaborators, I have colleagues
where if I have an issue, a complicated patient case, I can walk down the hall
and get an expert opinion in a couple of minutes. At Mayo Clinic we’re at the
forefront of application of new technology, the treatment of cancer. The
latest technology we’ve added is proton beam therapy. Existing radiation oncology
technology is excellent, but proton beam is truly an advance above and beyond that. It allows us to exquisitely spare normal tissue surrounding the tumor and ideally
will allow patients to experience less side effects in the short term and the long
term. The high volume of patients seen at
Mayo Clinic, particularly rare cancers, really translates to better outcomes for
patients. Patients can be reassured that almost certainly we’ve treated people
with similar conditions in the past. Each of the specialists that the patients are
seeing have seen rare cancers and multiple times and they become experts; premiere,
internationally, nationally known. The experts in their field of radiation
oncology. Treatment of the whole patient is truly something that is valued when you’re at Mayo Clinic. Every single decision that I make regarding a patient’s care is truly
based on what I would do for a family member.

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