Rachel Vovos, AuD | Cleveland Clinic Otolaryngology

I babysat a little boy who had hearing loss when I was in high school. And that was really my first introduction to people who have hearing loss but then to think about a child having a hearing loss, that made me just want to learn more about it. And I kind of knew that when I went to undergrad that I wanted to go into either speech language pathology or audiology and I ended up in audiology. We really want to get a baseline on what they’re hearing. If it’s a hearing test I also see patients who have hearing aids and cochlear implants. And so it really depends on what appointment they’ve been scheduled for. Get a sense of where they’re hearing and then what our next steps will be from there. For kids we’re just hoping to get whatever they’ll give us that day. But of course the same as adults, we want that complete picture of their hearing and then the next steps to move forward from there to treat it if there is hearing loss. Having that moment with a patient after they’ve either been fit with hearing aids or cochlear implant and they come back telling you how much easier it is to communicate with their family or how much easier their job is now that they can hear. And so that’s just a good feeling overall when you know you’ve played a little part in getting them there.

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