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Citizen comes into government office and admits
to a crime, wants to file complaint. GIS 4 Lyfe
I work for local government in a small town as a GIS employee. I’m not required to, but
I try to help out people who come in while the secretary is out. We occasionally get
some interesting people in here. This was one of those times, and it happened about
a year and a half back. I’m working on making a map or something when
I hear the front desk’s bell ding. I go up to the front desk and ask the man how I can
help him. He said that one of our workers were really mean to him and he’d like to make
a complaint. I tell him the street department head isn’t in, but I can try and relay him
the details, and also that he might have better luck at city hall. I am very clear this whole
time that this isn’t actually my job, but that I don’t mind helping. He starts describing the incident. He says
there was road construction and he completely blew past a road closing, and the workers
who were in the road yelled and swore at him. He actually said something about him “not
being sure the sign meant it,” with regards to its closure. I recognized the area because I’d gotten some
CAD files from there awhile back and I tell him that work on that road was actually being
handled by private contractors. So not only is this report not my job, but it’s not even
government employees that did anything. “But can’t you do SOMETHING!?” he asks. This
is when it hits me. I ask him, “Wait. You violated a traffic regulation
and and it sounds like you even endangered some workers, then you went into a government
building and effectively made a confession (to a random GIS worker, no less, but I didn’t
say that), and you want us to punish non-employees? You realize you could actually be the one
to get in trouble over this if you pursue it, right?” My tone was genuinely cautionary;
I was not really trying to accost him or anything. His face kinda goes white and he just says
“oh!” as it dawns on him what he just tried to do. He then rushes out of the office. He
didn’t seem angry, but he did seem to realize he was in the wrong. Dunno if the poor fella followed up at city
hall after that, but I’d reckon not. I’m not an interpreter …
XXXL Literally happened earlier this evening. My
roommate gets home and gets himself a shower after work. He’s trying to unwind and having
a conversation with me in ASL, I notice he starts acting a bit off. Being epileptic myself
I start to suspect but not sure. I ask if he’s feeling alright and he says he feels
weird and suddenly full blown seizure. This roommate does not have a history of seizures
so I immediately get my boyfriend to dial 911 and ask for paramedics, meanwhile I’m
putting on my hearing aids and getting my shoes on as by this time I’ve already moved
things that could hurt him away from him prior. The paramedics come, I grab the roommates
keys and drive his car to the hospital. I get there and check in as a guest, with a
guest sticker to slap beautifully across my chest. I get let in and told where his room
is blah blah, if you’ve ever visited someone in hospital you know the general gist of getting
to the persons room. So I’m sitting there, wearing my hearing aids
so now I could potentially have a conversation without the need for signing, but I’m signing
anyway, I’m just more comfortable that way. He in turn signs what he can. The nurse comes
in and checks on him and makes sure he’s got everything he needs for the time being, making
sure he’s comfortable, etc. Informs him someone will be coming by from radiology. Soon enough, yup, someone from radiology shows
up with a wheelchair, helps him into the chair and cart him away. Him signing “I’ll be back”
all terminator like. So I’m sitting there in his room just waiting
when the nurse returns to the rommmateless room. Nurse: something something something patient
something something interpreter Me: No thanks, Roommate doesn’t need an interpreter Wrong answer, that’s apparently not what she
asked. She looked more frustrated in her face, her eyebrows furrowed. Me now trying my hardest
to lip read someone I can barely make anything out from. Nurse: Something Something another patient
something sign language interpreter something something something can’t something something
one patient all the time something something something. Me: I’m not an ASL interpreter, and I don’t
work for the hospital, I’m here for Roommate Nurse: Something something needs interpreter
now something something going Me: I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying
to say, I’m deaf, I’m not an interpreter Nurse is now getting furious but storms off
and I’m thinking I’ve heard the end of it. My roommate is returned after what felt like
an eternity and we’re chatting back and forth, again with sign. Apparently the nurse had made a complaint
about me as suddenly and without warning, the charge nurse is in the room and my roommate
is signing everything the charge nurse is benching at me about. Charge Nurse: You need to get off your duff
and help other patients that need a sign language interpreter you can’t be sitting here dedicating
yourself to one single patient, you will be called back to this patient if he needs something
important spoken to him. Roommate comsigning (speaking while signing):
He’s not an interpreter, he’s my deaf roommate, I’m interpreting what you’re saying to him
and trying to enjoy my conversation with him. The charge nurse goes white as a ghost, but
the word “deaf” seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Charge Nurse: Well can he at least help with
translation so other hearing impaired patients can be treated? Again roommate is signing everything to me.
I chime in vocally Me: Ma’am, I’m deaf, I can’t hear you, I can’t
make out what you’re saying unless someone translates it for ME, so how would it be possible
for me to translate what’s being said to other deaf people currently in the hospital? I don’t
work here, you don’t pay me, and I can’t hear worth a dang to do what you’re requesting. Charge Nurse again: Well you could still help
out, don’t you sign interpreters have some sort of oath you have to follow? My roommate tells the woman, “The mere fact
that you are confusing a deaf person for a sign language interpreter and demanding a
deaf person interpret language he can’t hear is honestly quite freaking frightening in
a hospital environment. Do you realize how terrifying that kind of crap is?” Me: Doesn’t surprise me, this is the same
hospital that had a nurse ask if I wanted my discharge papers in braille. Roommate: That was THIS hospital?! By this point the charge nurse seems to have
gotten the picture and profusely apologizes to my roommate, not to me though (bench) and
scampers away not to be seen again. The doctor eventually comes in and goes over
the details with roommate, that nothing appeared amiss in his brain scan and everything looked
alright, but told him to stop taking a medication he was on, I didn’t catch the name of the
med. Apparently this medicine can rarely cause seizures, and today was the second day of
having taken said medicine so it made sense. Just basically “Drink plenty of fluids, don’t
go to work the next few days so the meds clear out of your system and get plenty of rest
and make sure you’re in a safe area in case of random seizure until you’re clear.” I crap you not the doctor looks directly at
me and tells me I can “go to another patient now”. I freaking hate this hospital. If I had the
spare finances to blow, I’d definitely get those various T-Shirts off Amazon that read
“I’M DEAF” and varying degrees of that so that I can avoid crap like this again in the
future. Un-freaking-believable. To make matters more infuriating is this is
the same doctor at the same hospital that told me that deaf people can’t speak. Don’t
get sick in small towns, you never know how idiotic hospital staff are. I drove my roommate home in his car. He protested
because “you’re epileptic, you could have a seizure at any time” and I said “Right now
so are you, but I’m medicated for it.” I am very tall.
L I am not tall. 5′-5″ makes me 1″ above the
statical average in Canada. Today has been pretty awful. Due to a stomach
bug the majority of the day has been spent in the washroom. Heck, even made a little
bed on the cool tile floors to reduce the travel time between the toilet bowl and my
face. After setting a new daily record of 1.5h without
kneeling before the porcelain deity it felt safe to stagger 5minutes to the grocery store
for some broth. After listlessly wandering the aisles, looking
like someone who lost a fight with a raccoon, I find the soup. Just the idea of eating is
making my gut flipflop, but my hands are shaking after going so long on an empty tank. As I
contemplate what will be the easiest to go down (then probably back up) I notice something
standing right next to me. Sidestep, they follow. Look down to see an itty bitty Tibetan
grandma staring up at me. It takes my bleary mind a moment to process
the situation. Not the tiny woman in traditional garb, mind you. I live in the Toronto neighbourhood
of Little Tibet. But why the heck is she staring at me. Sure I look a dumpster fire, and may
even smell like one, but that’s nothing noteworthy in downtown. Sliently she points to the shelf behind her.
I blink my bloodshot eyes. She frowns at me, and tries again. This time
reaching as high as her 4’something frame could stretch. Ooooooh. My exhausted brain finally realizes
what’s happening. No one has ever asked me to reach something for them. Proudly standing
up straight, like the most important person in the store, I pull the can from the shelf. Grandma smiles and holds up her fingers asking
for 3 more. Of course! I’m tall! I am useful! I am Gulliver surrounded by Lilliputians. She smiles again and wordless shuffles off
pushing her cart. Feeling quite chuffed, I grab some broth and head home actually feeling
pretty good. Then another hot wave of nausea rushes over me and I introduce my stomach
acid to the road. Oh joy. I don’t work here lady, but I’ll be your grocery
store hero. “Could you give me the menu”. Customer got
mistaken for a waiter at a restaurant L
My brother has a small restaurant and I help “manage” it over the weekends for extra income.
Our employees requested for a known but fairly affordable brand of clothing for their uniform.
So it’s not impossible that a customer would own the same exact shirt like those of our
employees but we had our logos on ours. On one particular night, a customer walked
in wearing the same exact shirt we gave our employees, sans the restaurant’s logo. One
particular Karen saw the guy coming in and the scene went like this. ME: Pookiemanyak, Karen: Karen, Poor Guy:
Poor guy wearing the same shirt, Employee: Employee who waited Karen’s table When PG walked in, he grabbed a menu and sat
with his friends beside Karen’s table. Karen immediately called him and asked for the menu. Poor Guy: I’m sorry but I don’t work here. Karen: But you’re wearing a uniform. Poor Guy: It’s the same shirt, mine doesn’t
have a logo. Then K looked at me calling my attention.
I then gestured to one of the Employee to go to K’s table. Employee: Hi ma’am, can I get you anything? Karen: I want to talk to your manager, one
of the employees is being rude. Employee then called me to K’s table. ME: Good evening ma’am, what seems to be the
problem? Karen: Your employee is being rude (pointing
at PG) ME: I’m sorry ma’am but he doesn’t work here. Karen: Are you sure? ME: Absolutely ma’am. Karen then asked for a menu and ordered food
as if nothing happened. No apologies. Nothing. The poor guy wearing the same shirt was a
sport nevertheless. “I’m looking for a gift for a Leo.”
M I used to work at an independent bookstore
part-time. I no longer work there but my mom does and I’m also addicted to buying books
I don’t need so I go there often to visit her & check out the new releases. There are
no uniforms, but the workers do wear a little name badge. A couple months ago I was hanging out, taking
pictures of books because I’m also an annoying bookstagrammar. I’m putting some books back
on the shelf when I get a tap on my shoulder. Girl: “Hi, I’m looking for a gift.” Now, I am not currently employed by the store,
but I read so much and understand the inventory that I figure maybe I can help. “What are
you looking for?” Girl: “My friend is a Leo and I need a birthday
gift for her.” Me: “Uh. What does she like?” Girl: “I don’t know, but she’s a Leo.” Me: “I’m going to be honest. I’m not sure
what that means in terms of interests.” Last ditch effort to help. “What do Leo’s like?” Girl: SHRUGS “Leo things.” Me: “Okay, I don’t actually work here. Maybe
someone else can help you.” I walked off and found a worker but they were
just as lost and we just ended up handing her a copy of Girl, Wash Your Face which seems
like a book someone who cares about astrological signs would like. Fun advice: If you are shopping for a gift
for someone, know more about them than their zodiac sign. It isn’t helpful. At all.

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  1. Hmm, if you're ill you could be contagious. Grabbing food other people will be eating is not the best idea. I get how it could be hard to explain that though.
    If I was the manager of the restaurant 'poor guy' ate in. I'd make sure he got some immediate entrées to smooth things over.

  2. the doctors and nurses can be sued should be for being so utterly ignorant and stupid should not be allowed to work there

  3. Yeah, I had someone get me an astrology book once as a gift. I stared at them in confusion and went, “I spend all my time talking about animals, especially bugs, spiders and snakes, I specifically told you I have been looking for a guide to identify different species of insects and snakes, I even wrote down for you what some of the best options were because I know you aren’t big on shopping for gifts, but you still bought this?” They just kinda shrugged. I don’t talk to them anymore, I realized they didn’t actually give a crap about me and were just taking advantage of my hospitality. I bought myself the I.D. Guide for native snakes.

  4. Sounds like the hospital that nearly killed me by insisting there was nothing wrong with me other than being "a junkie looking for a fix" which doctors and nurses both said to my face the whole time they shot me full of MAJOR narcotics. Plot twist: my small intestine EXPLODED due to scar tissue from previous surgery. When the ER was later shut down due to "financial issues" I was sure it was more like too many malpractice claim losses. LOL

  5. I heard Leos like gift cards. My friend's son was at the er, his dad had gone to the cafe to get snack for him and his boys (13 injured and 7). The doctor came back to give test results never looked up from the clipboard, the 7 year old one tapped doctor to get him to explain in simpler term the results. The doctor looks up and comments that the 7 year old is young to be a ASL interpreter maybe they should wait for their father, to which the 7 year old said my daddy is deaf too. Luckily my friend and her sister came in before the doctor could leave, my friend's sister was able to be a ASL interpreter for the parents.

  6. Don’t get sick in a reasonably large city, either- nurses and doctors didn’t read my dad’s chart and wanted to give him surgery on an aneurism he didn’t have. What he had was a weirdly-shaped vein.

  7. Is it just me? Or should those hospital staff in the deaf room mate story have all their medical licenses and nursing credentials revoked and not allowed to have hospital or doctors/nursing jobs in future at all?? The way they think and act, they could actually KILL innocent People!!!

  8. That girl in the last story doesn't really seem like a friend? Pretty sure you'd know more about your bro other than their zodiac sign-

  9. "Leos – strong willed, opinionated, sir it sounds like a nice cat-o-nine-tails would be perfect for her, and maybe a ball-gag for you."

  10. Imagine being a chronic pain suffer who also has chronic kidney stones.

    Two important facts. 1) Few Chronic pain suffers get addicted. If they do it is because they are over medicated. When I was on opioids, my body used up all the med and I still had pain. It just cut the severity. When everyone got hot and bothered over the “opioid crisis”, doctors cut dosages even further. So those who really needed the meds & didn’t contribute to the problem were screwed over. It’s actually Big Pharma that’s responsible for the Opioid Crisis. They push sales.

    2) When you go to an ER and you have a history of Chronic Pain you get treated like a junkie. I had a Dr send me home with a full blown Appendicitis which according to the surgeon (the following day) was ready to burst. I could have died.

  11. Road workers of all sorts are killed by entitled drivers all the time. The drivers just believe that despite the torn up road or all the signs and fences, and PEOPLE WORKING IN THE ROADWAY, they have the right to speed on through. Run over someone? Well, it's not the driver's fault!! What was that person doing standing in the way?!?!?!?!?

    And there's something DEEPLY disturbing about an entire hospital staff not understanding the words "I am not an interpreter, I don't work for the hospital, I am DEAF!" The name of the hospital should be released in order to protect the innocent.

  12. The problem with just knowing someone's zodiac sign is that astrology isn't real so there is nothing that all Leo's like. Book preferences are distributed randomly across all humanitie.

  13. Is this Charge Nurse and Doctor completely off their rocker? The whole god damn administrative team needs to be fired, this shit starts from the top down.

    Seriously though, you should of fuckingsued that hospital.

  15. To each and every story in this video: SCREAM FUCKOFF I DO NOT WORK HERE, HELP RAPERAAAAAAAAAPE!!!!!!!! Then watch them run the fuckaway.

  16. I wonder if ASL interpreters take the same oath as waitresses to serve where ever they are, even if they don't work there?

  17. "What do Leos like?" "I don't know, Leo things." Ok then, a book about lions, a book by Leo Tolstoy, a blu-ray of The Lion King, and a dead gazelle. Leo things. (The last one might be hard to find in a brick and mortar bookstore, try Amazon.)

  18. Oh yeah, as someone who is represented in the zodiac by Cancer the Crab, do not buy me cancer things or crab things.

  19. What kind of stupid are you if you don't know the difference between a deaf and a blind person? Mistaking someone for an interpretor can happen, when they tell you they're deaf, you apologize.

    For the Leo I'd suggest an antilope. I heard they like to hunt.

  20. Regarding roadworks…. i remember one time years ago there was roadworks with a roundabout in the middle. I got confused and drove the wrong way around the roundabout! It gets worse, all the traffic behind me started following me that way and then setting of a massive chain reaction of following after following! I could see startled road workers looking on with jaws open,,, "WTF?" … The morel of the story is, when doing roadworks, your signage has to be very clear and unambiguous!

  21. Crazy hospital story: Think of it this way. Not all doctors and nurses were A students. You be dealing with the ones who scored 83% in their tests.

  22. How to buy the appropriate item for a Leo: Don't, this is silly and you're a silly person if you use Astrology to determine what someone may/may not like. By the way, I have a bridge to sell you that is PERFECT for a Capricorn.

  23. I mean, Deaf dude and roommate should totally file a lawsuit for gross mistreatment of patient, visitors (which is grounds for a lawsuit with hospitals (been there, helped friend win that))

  24. Why do some people in their 50's and up act like "i see you that gives me the right to boss you around because I'm older than you, so that means you Have to do whatever I say? Lady quit trying to parent strangers

  25. Holy shit that first story. I go to campus with a large Deaf population. And the idea of that staff in that hospital being like that makes me feel ill. Im not deaf myself, but I have friends that range between fully deaf to some that can hear somewhat.

    That god damn hospital. Jeezus

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