Queen’s Medical Center verified as Hawaii’s only level-one trauma center

JOE: EMERGENCY CARE IN HAWAII REACHES THE TOP LEVEL FOR SERIOUSLY INJURED PATIENTS ACROSS THE STATE. THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS HAS DESIGNATED QUEEN’S AS A LEVEL ONE TRAUMA TOOK MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN RESOURCES TO ACHIEVE. SO, HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOU? MANOLO: JOE, THE STAFF HERE AT QUEEN’S TELLS ME IT WILL RAISE THE LEVEL OF CARE NOT JUST The Emergency Department here at Queen’s takes care of about 26-hundred trauma patients every year. As far as volume, officials here tell me they already do Level one along the way. Dr. Michael Hayashi, Queen’s for other hospitals.” efficiently also the work being done will be scrutinized even more.” Working more efficiently will be critical especially in disasters when there are mass casualties, whether it’s crashes, or shootings. Greg Payne, Nurse Manager: “We that next person in that room that much quicker.” Working more efficiently also means improving how procedures are done. Greg Payne, Nurse Manager: make it better.” payne: “Also more importantly rely on other partners like the state to help out. Even with that the hospital had to invest a lot of money and other resources to get to Level 1. Dr. Michael Hayashi, Queen’s care of those patients.” MANOLO: INVESTED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN RESOURCES TO GET TO LEVEL ONE. MANOLO MORALES KHON2

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  1. God love them! They are specialized in water related incidents, diving, drowning, etc. They saved my son's life. Thank you!

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