Quality Improvement in Nursing at Saratoga Hospital | A Philips Customer Story

we’re in a very transitional time in healthcare so our challenge was how can we improve technology that we have in the hands of our nurses and create an environment in which we can all be successful and all deliver the best care possible to our patients I have a long line of nurses and my family I was raised with the belief that it’s a profession will be very proud of making a difference in people’s lives we have the large multi-specialty unit 41 beds it’s such a huge variety and you’re constantly kept on your toes the first thing I do every day on my shift is to check the Philips Guardian this system allows us to see which patients are trending abnormally and allows us to intervene earlier than we would have been able to in the past what’s going on Tracey Curro 2sat went from 95 down to 85 respirations also have spiked up to 35 when a patient gets in trouble we know before they get in deep trouble and the best measurement for that is how many patients don’t code in our building [Music] if you walk into Saratoga Hospital you’ll see the Philips name on a lot of our technology one of the things that our nurses have repeatedly said to us is the more we have technology to monitor our patients and keep them safe the better care we deliver and so we at Saratoga believe that investment in that technology we’re not only serving the community but as importantly we’re serving the clinicians who chosen to work here with us we use the Guardian system every day and every day we can intervene earlier because of it [Music] innovation and you Philips

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