Quality Emergency Care Services at HCA’s Northwest Medical Center

– I’m happy to be part of the new ER. We’re going from a 20 bed to a 52 bed state of the art equipment, which is gonna help with patient care, and it’s gonna help the
staff to give the best possible care as well. – We have multiple services we offer, which include specifically
cardiac services and neurosurgical services. The Northwest Medical Center’s emergency department has grown to twice its size from the original. It’s brand new, spacious and really very beautiful. – What we do in order to
keep our wait times down is we really focus on
the front end process. All we do is take your name, your chief complaint and we bring you straight back to the room and everything’s done at bedside. – The less you wait the
happier the patient. Everyone here collaboratively has come together to make that happen. In addition to that, it’s given us all the tools that we need to help take care of the
patients and the family. So far to date, everyone’s enjoyed that.

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