Quadriplegic Pool Therapy at Helen Hayes Hospital NY

Therapist: We can always snug it up a little more. Therapist: Yeah we gotta get you in a bit more. Therapist: No we are not going to put you under at all. Lifeguard: Alright, are you comfortable? Therapist: So how did you do after the last time. Patient: I was not tired. Therapist: Very good. Therapist: You got a minute. Can you grab me the Burdenko Walkers and four of the weights? Therapist: Nothing hurt? Therapist: Let me know its working. Therapist: Ok, and you are going back a bit too. Can you fix it and come up forward and to the right, good? Therapist: Good, try to hold this position if you can.Wade a little bit further forward, hips forward a little bit, there you go. Good see if you can hold it. Knees and hips are going to bend a bit all the way down. Get a little bit deeper for me if you can. Thats it and then straighten up tall. Up, Up, Up, hips up great, very good and then you are going to bend those knees again. Beautiful, then up nice and tall, good. Up, Up, Up all the way Up, Up, then you are going to bend again. Big step on the left. Thats it good. Chest up there you go good. Try to see if you can hold. Thats it. Come back towards me, come back. Patient: I’m trying. That is good, good right there. Great job. Can you fix it, fix it, fix it. Laughter. Good, go, good. And push, push, push, push. Now you pull your shoulders back. Yes, push through. Go ahead, push me away, and squeeze the shoulders back And push me away, go, go, go go Nice and pull back. Pull me back, go, go, go. Squeeze my shoulder blades, Squeeze my shoulder blades, back, back, back. And push.

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