Q & A: Would you recommend switching from atorvastatin to rosuvastatin?

RobT07: Hello Doc. If after a few
months on atorvastatin, if someone’s LDL dropped from 120 to 47,
would you still recommend switching to rosuvastatin? Great question, RobT07.
And the answer is yes, I would. And here’s why. We talked about pleiotropic
activities when we’re talking about K2. A pleiotropic activity is you give it for
one thing but it actually helps on something else. Here’s what happens with
statins. Mostly statins are given to lower LDL. But think about the logic, and
I know you’ve seen a lot of our videos. I’ve seen you’re around a good bit in
terms of your comments. Half the people that have a heart attack have a normal
LDL. So is it really LDL that’s causing this? Probably not. On the other hand,
there’s a big thing in terms of inflammation. I’m not gonna go down that
trail right now. But there’s a very smart guy named Paul Ridker at Harvard who
noticed this over a decade ago that whether people’s LDL was low or high,
quite often, if they’re on statins, they still had a significant decrease in
heart attack. And well, if they’re on statins, they had a significant heart
attack risk. He theorized that was due to inflammation, and that science
has been proven out multiple times. Why did I go down that path? Because here’s
the problem. People are still taking atorvastatin (Lipitor) watching their LDL
and thinking they’re getting a good impact. Lipitor is the least likely of
all of the statins to impact inflammation. It still does, but here’s
two things. If you’re a female, it’s less likely And if you have insulin
resistance, it’s less likely. Over half of us are have insulin resistance or
diabetes, and half of us are females. So and in the by far the biggest
prescription given in the statin areas is Lipitor. So from that perspective
I would say a huge portion statin prescriptions are doing more damage than they’re helping.

12 thoughts on “Q & A: Would you recommend switching from atorvastatin to rosuvastatin?

  1. Not sure if you ever watched Dr. David Diamond who takes the data right from the pharmaceutical co and shows how they absolutely outright lie about the benefit of statins. It’s about a 1% reduction in cardiac events

  2. I agree that if one is taking Lipitor for the wrong reason, then it could be doing more damage than it is helping. I don't remember that I had any of my local doctors tell me to get the inflammation down in my body– but they were more than happy to tell me to take their medications. _Dr. Brewer, as in this video, is the only doctor who stressed the importance of getting the inflammation down. Once I did that, my incidence of "heart events" (the heart doctors like to call stents and heart attacks heart events) reduced to zero, actually I have not had a single event since I began doing what Dr. Brewer told me to do. I am out in my garden working everyday, enjoying life and plan on living many more years, no only living many more years, but being healthy while I live those years! I am 80 years old now and planning on making it to 100.

  3. Thanks for that info on Lipitor. I was on and off it for probably 20 years or more and was no doubt insulin resistance for much of that time. As you said it did a great job lowering my cholesterol but I still ended up in my 60 with a high CAC.

  4. Good info Doc & great question! Next time I visit with my Cardiologist I am going to request changing my Statin from Lipitor to either low dose Crestor or Levalo. Should be an interesting discussion…………

  5. Love your work ..you are a shining a light !…what are your thoughts about using Berberine for LDL-C lowering and Glucose lowering ?..ty

  6. Neither worked for me without side effects….musculoskeletal pain, memory fog etc. Had a 2 week long headache with Rosuvastin. Both were adjusted to low doses and reduced frequency…effects did not go away. Trying my 3rd statin, Pravastatin with COQ10.

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