Putin Visits Morozov Children’s Hospital

Vladimir Putin toured a new building of the Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital on International Children’s Day. He was shown around the hospital and talked to medical personnel and several patients…. Hello Hello, dear, what’s your name? Mom, tell me, is he president? Are you the president? Yes. I am Savelev. Good day, How are you feeling? I am good. Good, what are your expectations? Today I go to the ward. Great, but how long have you been here? Well… Good boy. Hmm .. since Tuesday. Do you like it here? I like to explore … but in this room … anything to do. However, look how much there is any equipment here. They used to do the procedures for me … Well, my dear, you need to be treated. To get well, you need to wait … Dear, you need patience. It is necessary to completely become healthy. Yes, are you ready for this? I already have enough. That’s Thank God! Good. Since January we have been carrying out dialysis every night. And now, finally … The father of the child is a real hero. This father gave his kidney to his only son. His kidney is functioning he can walk from today. We translate he into a general chamber. I wish that you were healthy and happy. Suffer a little more. Okay? I will not spend the night here anymore. I’ll spend the night in another ward. That’s good. The new ward will be better. A little more patience and you will be healthy. There’s a TV there. Okay? Is there a TV? You will watch cartoons. Do you like cartoons? Yes? And which ones? What kind of cartoons do you like? I like to watch magazines more. What, what do you like more? Watch the magazines. Here’s how, you like to watch magazines. What kind? Well … everyones’s Hedgehog – there is such a magazine. Do not you watch cartoons? I look. What kind? Luntik, Smeshariki … Well. So that you can watch your favorite cartoons – Smeshariki … Yes? How much longer is he to be here? Another day with the procedures here. And then? Well, for a few more days he will be under surveillance, and then everything will go home. Be patient and soon you will go home. He already has plans … I’ll fly to Chelyabinsk. It is far from here. Yes far. Is this a good city? You can not walk on foot … That’s for sure. You will not reach, but you will fall. Yeah…better by plane. The plane will be faster. Yes, you better get better. Give me five. Bye. Good luck. Bye. Be healthy! Can I kiss him? Yes, you can. I was kissed by the President. I wish you all the most … And you mom, he did not kiss. Mom has a dad, he will kiss her. All the best to you. Bye.

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