Purchasing a Hospital or Adjustable Bed

David Fesman:
My name’s David Fesman, president and CEO of Med Mart. I’m here today to talk about
some of our hospital beds, home care beds, and resident beds. We have a few different
main kinds of hospital beds. You have semi-electric, full electric, high low, and adjustable beds. Stephany:
When a patient needs a hospital bed at home, sometimes that is a difficult case because
they’re used to having that hospital equipment that is more industrial graded. Darrell:
It’s really key to take a consultative approach in understanding why they’re looking for a
bed. Might ask a customer, “Is this person going to be in the bed all the time? Are they
able to move around? Are you using the lift to transfer them? Are they in the wheelchair,
you’d need transferring as well?” It’s important to really understand how the bed is going
to be used. How they could transfer in and out safely, and how much time they’re going
to be in it. Beds, there’s a lot of different solutions out there. Again, it comes down
to what the customer needs. David Fesman:
An entry level hospital bed is a semi-electric hospital bed. A semi-electric hospital bed
is something that Medicare or private insurance like Anthem will pay for. Stephany:
The head of the bed can be done by the patient with a corded control. The height of the bed
getting the patient lower to the ground or higher in the air is more a convenience for
the care giver. David Fesman:
It has a control, it’s fully electric but if you want to control the whole height of
the bed, it’s a crank and you crank it up and down. Some of the disadvantages of that
is that some people need to change the height of the bed up and down often. Full electric
hospital beds are basically everything’s electric even controlling the height of the bed up
and down. Medicare and other insurances don’t cover full electric hospital beds. What they
usually do is some providers will give you the option to charge a deluxe upgrade on your
insurance. Sometimes people just end up running out of pocket for a full electric hospital
bed or they just pay for it in full so they can get the features they want. The next type
of bed is a high low hospital bed. The main differences between a high low bed and a full
electric bed is that it is fully electric but it can go all the way down to the ground.
The features of that are great for assisted livings, great for people that might be at
a fall risk because once the patient is in the bed they can be lowered so low to the
ground. Then you have some of your more deluxe beds
that might have low air loss mattresses, AP&P mattresses. There’s a whole wide range of
different mattresses and beds, and different features. Then what’s the best mattress for
my loved one? We have foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, extra long, extra wide mattresses.
What’s their height and weight? What medical condition do they have going on? Do they have
break down? Do I need a low air loss mattress because I have break down going on? A lot
of that’s just, you need to talk with someone that’s an expert and that can be a resource
for you. If you don’t qualify for a bed through insurance,
here’s your options. If you happen to be local to Cincinnati and Dayton you can rent from
one of our brick and mortar locations. We have all of our prices listed online or you
can call over the phone. If you happen to be outside of Cincinnati and Dayton you can
look for a rental company in your area. It’s as simple as Googling rental hospital beds
in your area. Then the next option, which has been very popular is you can pay cash
for the bed. A lot of times, this bed is going to be in their home for years and you’re going
to need this bed for years to come. You want exactly what’s going to be the best solution
for that patient, it’s about finding the right equipment for them. That’s where a lot of
people pay out of pocket for really nice beds like the [Carol CS7 00:03:47] bed by [Invacare
00:03:47]. [Hill-Rom 00:03:49] Beds, many of the different drive beds and Med Line beds
we have. If your patient or loved one doesn’t like
the idea of a hospital bed, that’s where our adjustable beds come in. We have multiple
different brands from Sleep Logic, White Glove, [Brio 00:04:04], Flex-a-bed, and they look
just like a regular bed but they have all the functions of a hospital bed. You can also
get it where you can have a dual king. Let’s say, not everyone wants to sleep, they have
a loved one, maybe they want their dog in the bed. You can get two twin beds side by
side that are adjustable for them so you can raise the head, move the feet and legs separate,
you can get zero gravity position. There’s plenty of hospital beds that have great, nice
wood headboards that blend right in with your own home decor. Where adjustable beds more
for someone that doesn’t need the positioning, and some of the skin protection qualities
that a hospital bed might be able to offer. One of the most popular beds that we have
is the Invacare CS7, it’s a great resident bed for in your home because it has all the
features of the most expensive resident care and hospital beds, but it doesn’t have the
price point. It’s a high low bed, it’s got a great support system, it comes with great
mattress options, standard. It’s great for when you’re taking care of your loved one
in your home. Recently, we’re proud to announce that we just formed a partnership. We’re one
of exclusive vendors with Hill-Rom Hospital Beds and [Liko 00:05:13] Patient Lifts in
the Cincinnati, Ohio area and nationwide. You can have the same bed that you had in
the hospital, at home. When you’re bed bound and when you have specific accessibility and
mobility needs, you need the best. Darrell:
My job is to help understand what the situation is and providing the thorough solution for
them, and getting them on to the right bed.

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