27 thoughts on “Puppy Survives Severe Firework Injuries

  1. In Australia you can't buy fireworks- for this reason. bless this woman and all the love she is bringing to the world <3

  2. Awwwwww his wittle face and that tongue!!! I love it so much, so sweet and what a special dog. That lady is living a dream being around animals every day

  3. Why didn't they donate money to her foundation or Braveheart when they do this for every other guest on the show. WTF?

  4. Awww who would do such horrendous thing to him?? So adorable guy.. so sad he had to go threw so much pain. My god. Glad you helped him. Praise to you and your santuary. 💟🐶

  5. I've followed saving Huey foundations for years now. Tracy is an amazing lady. She does so much for the animals that are in such desperate medical need. The foundation basically runs on donations. If you can find it within you're budget to donate it will go to an amazing cause. Braveheart is such a fighter. I'm so happy to hear he will only have one more surgery. ♥️
    Ty for doing this segment.

  6. 😰 wtf if someone did that and I witnessed it I would literally kill the bastards….hopefully they rot in hell! Find something else to put on your channell or I'm going to undubscribe!!!! I'm really really extremely mad😡😡😡

  7. Poor baby😢! I hate ppl who do anything harmful to animals😡 he's so freaking cute and has an amazing spirit after everything! Best wishes to his owner and braveheart!♥️

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