Pulmonologist: Momen M. Wahidi, MD, MBA

My name is Dr. Momen Wahidi. I’m a pulmonologist with focus on
Interventional Pulmonology and lung cancer. Well, I was always
fascinated with the lungs. The lungs and the heart are very
essential organs for our bodies, it always struck me, the suffering
of the patients who cannot breathe. And have to struggle through
daily activities because of their shortness of breath. And I chose to be that doctor to
hopefully help them to breathe better. The satisfaction I get
from seeing a patient that has been struggling to breath and
see that they’re improved. And they are able to enjoy their life and do activities with their
family is unparalleled. I roll out of bed every morning,
wanting to come to work. I enjoy what I do. I enjoy interacting with my colleagues. One of the great things at Duke here is
the multi-disciplinary nature of our care. My clinic, I sit next to our
Chief of Thoracic Surgery. My oncologist is two rooms
down in the hallway, as well as my radiation oncologist. And my radiologist is
just a phone call away. And together,
we really talk about our patients the cases,
we come up with solutions together. And this is a wonderful way
to deliver the best care. We don’t want to offer the patient just
one option because it’s in my specialty. We want to offer the best option based
on their disease and their condition. And we wanna pull together all
the expertise needed to give him the best treatment and the best outcome.

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