Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program | Middlesex Hospital

(light piano music) – In pulmonary rehab we provide services to people with chronic
pulmonary conditions. So it might be people with
COPD, or people who have had lung cancer, or
surgeries on their lungs. We try to work with them to
increase their fitness level, increase their efficiency
with which they’re breathing. We try to improve in two areas. We look at how can we optimize how well that they’re getting oxygen
from their nose and mouth into their lungs and into their system. So we’re looking at breathing patterns and breathing techniques. And then we’re also
looking at on the other end how efficiently their
bodies are using the oxygen. So we’re doing exercises
to increase their strength, their endurance, their flexibility, and make them move as
efficiently as possible. The beauty of our program
is that you can work with pulmonary rehab for a
significant period of time, so because it is low-tech,
and it is comfortable, and you’re doing something consistently that’s where we start to see things come together to make people feel better. The best thing that can happen to you is that when you graduate
from pulmonary rehab you have habits that are
healthy, you will hopefully have an exercise program that you
enjoy and that you can use. And it can be anything that works for you, you could do a maintenance
program through us, you could do a community
based exercise program, or you can exercise on your own. But the idea is that
we use pulmonary rehab as a stepping stone for
people to go forward and make their lives as
healthy and functional as possible despite their lung condition.

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