Pulmonary Rehab for COPD

Lawrence Memorial Hospital now brings you Better Health. For those patients living with COPD pulmonary rehab really needs to be a part of their care plan of what they are doing to manage this disease. It should be a part of it just like medications and seeing your doctor regularly coming to pulmonary rehab needs to be a part of your treatment plan. In pulmonary rehab we are trying to teach you to be the best manager of your COPD. A lot of our patients come in and they have gotten to the point where they’re shortness of breath their fatigue their weakness has made them very sedentary and they’ve developed this cycle of just being sedetary at home and not getting out not moving and that’s what we’re trying to work on. When they come in they’re meeting with us and when I mean as their meeting with respiratory therapists, nursing, and exercise specialist. And what we are going to do for them is developed this individualized treatment plan that is going to focus on what their needs are in regards to their COPD and at the same time develop an exercise routine for them.So we are going to figure out their oxygen needs we’re going to talk about their pulmonary medications inhalers and other medications we talk about nutrition and weight management we talk about smoking cessation and how to best manage their exacerbation of their COPD so those are all the things that we are looking at but it is individualized. So it’s based on their needs and their capabilities as far as their physical function. And by building that strength and endurance and reducing your shortness of breath hopefully that you can then do more activities have a more active lifestyle and that will improve your quality of life. Because that’s what we’re really looking at success with COPD really effects.

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  1. GREED keeps COPD/emphysema uncured….it's a cash cow….if they can save someone from a opioid overdose…they can cure lung diseases….we've caught on now….

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