Psychology in Rehabilitation | Spalding Rehab Denver

– Here at Spalding, we get a lot of patients that
have a wide range of injuries. It can be something as simple
as having a hip replaced, it can be as complex as somebody having a pretty severe traumatic brain injury. So along that spectrum, we do a lot of different types of care. So for the individual that
maybe is having a hip replaced, they’ve been a very active individual and now they’re having
a very difficult time laying in bed all day and very limited in terms of
what they can do physically, a lot of what I do is help them find ways to adjust to the
situation that they’re in to help kind of cope with emotionally with being in the hospital. You know cope with the difficulties of the limitations that they have now since what has happened to them. Whereas with somebody that’s
had a severe brain injury that maybe has loss of
cognitive functioning and they don’t know and
they don’t have good control of their own behaviors, then what we do is we start to intervene in terms of the environment. How do we manage the
environment to help them to better manage and
control their behaviors following a brain injury? Because a lot of times we get patients who get very agitated or are
physically aggressive after having a brain injury. And what we do is we try to plan and try to figure out how do
we manage these behaviors, whether it’s from an
environmental standpoint, is it from the way that
we approach the patient? Is it introducing
stimulations such as visitors or noise or television or radio and how do we then help that individual to improve from the time
that the injury occurs to the time they leave us?

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