Psoas Muscle Stretch For Lower Back Pain Relief (Hip Flexor Stretch)

Hey I am Doctor Ekberg, and I’m going to show you a psoas stretch. The psoas muscle is the hip flexor. It is one of the strongest muscles in the body, but it also gets very often short due to
all the sitting that we do. It’s difficult to stretch because it crosses two joints. It goes from the upper portion of the thigh, half of it attaches to the front of the pelvis the other half attaches to the spine. So in order to stretch it properly we need to tilt pelvis back and flatten the spine otherwise we’re not really getting at the muscle. So here’s one way you can do that you can do this on a couch or a bed or anything of appropriate height. And the trick here is to get the front and the back leg separated as far as possible and then we do NOT arch the back, but the trick is to tilt the pelvis, pull in your stomach and flatten the back so that you get the stretch in the front of the hip. To a lot of people when you drop your back and arch it like this they think that they are stretching it more, but you’re actually stretching less. So what you want to do This is not a good stretch but this is. And the difference is tilting the pelvis and flattening your back. And then you just hold that for 10 to 15 seconds at a time. Then what you can do is push the knee, this knee, down into the table and you hold that contraction for 10 seconds, and then you relax and you stretch it some more. Then you switch sides. Always do it on both sides, but if one side is much stiffer then you start and end with that side. That’s it Thank you

22 thoughts on “Psoas Muscle Stretch For Lower Back Pain Relief (Hip Flexor Stretch)

  1. Thank you for watching my video. Feel free to look at any of the other videos and ask if you have questions.

  2. Why is it that this stretch makes my back pain flare up by the morning after doing it? (I have L5-S1 herniation.) I've tried easing into it, but each time it aggravates the injury. I can do piriformis stretches no problem and they help a lot. Been this way for a little over two years, when I first herniated the disc. Advice greatly appreciated.

  3. All of these "psoas" stretches (on Youtube) seem to do a good job of stretching the Iliac muscles and the lower half of the Psoas muscles, but none of these stretches seem to stretch the psoas muscles in the lumbar region.   

  4. thanks allot for the video, i have a herniated disc and psoas tightness is the main reason, and i guess it's just bad genetics, my mom also have "the duck" posture, does loosen the psoas up will help a little with my sciatic pain?? replies much appreciated 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for making this video. This really helped stretch my psoas. I sit all day at work and my hips just kept feeling tight all the time. Instant relief. Thank you.

  6. Best psoas stretch out there! I have tried all the top videos on YouTube, but this is by far the best one out there. Thank you!

  7. If you want a deeper stretch then watch this extreme psoas stretch video

  8. Excellent stretching exercise. Thanks very much for the demonstration. I'm going to adapt your technique into my own routine.

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