PRP Treatment For Hair Fall, Baldness & Hair Regrowth

[Music] male-pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is a rising concern after 40 percent of men lose almost 40 percent of their hair even before they reach the age of 35 years that is staggering but fortunately we now have a technology to counter it okay so let us first understand the different types of hair loss hair loss can be widely categorized into two types scarring and non scar simply put non scarring hair loss is reversible and scarring hair loss is not each category has multiple causes and the manifest in different ways so it’s very important for us to understand what exactly the underlying causes that is why at oliver we insist on a professional diagnosis by certified auto psychologist there is no treatment that is administered without a thorough understanding of an individual’s medical history but why Oliver you may ask hear it for yourself I came to only over six months ago my hairline had been receding and I was planning to get married next year and well I wanted to look good thankfully I was at the beginning stages and Olivas holistic approach did the trick and well I guess you can see the results by yourself [Music] appropriate topical and old medications are prescribed to control hair fall and promote hair leak thickening this forms the base of our treatment and based on the results we adopt various other modalities of treatment the next logical step would be PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatment to promote hair regrowth this is a highly successful treatment not to mention a natural way to boost hair foot finally Oliver also specializes in hair transplantation for more advanced cases of hair loss pattern baldness is as age old as time itself but we now have new age resources to defeat it walk into our clinics and we’ll be more than happy to take you through your hair recovery [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oliver is a leading chain of skin and hair clinics in South India it has been ranked number one in dermatology and trichology by Times of India Oliver has also bagged many awards for its excellence in health care and wellness industry Oliver boasts of the launch esteem of d’amato tri colleges and world-class US FDA approved equipment the treatments are administered using rigorously tested protocols Oliver is synonymous with scientifically banked holistic treatments that leads to satisfying results [Music] you [Music]

81 thoughts on “PRP Treatment For Hair Fall, Baldness & Hair Regrowth

  1. Great video. It explains what's hair loss and how it's treated. However entire explanation was made on male pattern baldness. What if a women is suffering from rapid hair loss? Does this treatment work?

  2. Hello doctor I need PRP treatment now I am working Bangalore so pls send Bangalore olive clinic address and how much cost in minimum and maximum

  3. Madam keya hair scalp k kisi ve jaga pe agat vellus hai toh iska matlab keya hair follicles puri active hai hair root hai hair puri tarhase bawapas yana possible hai..

  4. Hi I m from Bangalore nd my age is only 23 nd I am suffering hair loss from 1year but I was nervous take treatment because of side effect and i watched your video. PRP is the best way to re grow so please suggest me and if doesn't work so we can go for hair transplant

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