Provider Video Profile: Tanya Sobaski, NP (Family Medicine)

My name is Tanya Sobaski. I’m a family
nurse practitioner at Southwest Medical Clinic in Bridgman. I’ve been a nurse for
almost 20 years, worked for a while as a staff nurse. I
knew there was more out there, so I went and pursued my bachelor’s degree. After that, there was no stopping. I went for my masters in nursing education and
worked as a nurse educator for a while, and I just felt I couldn’t live
vicariously through my students as much as I wanted to, and I miss patient
contact, and I think the turning point was when our family physician retired,
and it was really difficult to get my mom in to see a provider, so I knew there
was a need for family nurse practitioners, so I went back to school
and became one. What I’ve taken with me through the years is listening to the
patient, to hear what they have to say, to address their concerns, and to respond
appropriately. If that means that I’m checking labs after the office is
closed, I’ll do that because when you’re a patient, and you’re not sure what’s going
on, that’s troublesome, and it’s worrisome and so if possible I like to leave that
those feelings of uncertainty. Being a part of this community, I’ve really just grown
up in the Lakeland system. I’ve seen a lot of changes, and I’m really positive
about the changes. I really believe in Lakeland and what Lakeland has to offer
our community.

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