Provider Video Profile: Shannon Brown, PA (Family Medicine)

My name is Shannon Brown. I’m a physician
assistant at Southwestern Medical Clinic in Stevensville and I do Family Practice.
The age of patients I care for starts from newborn to my oldest being 104
right now. I tend to get quite a few females in in our area. Southwestern is
set apart from other clinics in our area because of our orientation as a family.
We get together and have potlucks regularly. I think that we have a lot of
outside connections rather than just going to work seeing those people at
work. I’m teased in my office because I love
epic and part of epic is mychart. What I love about mychart is that patients
have their own records on the tip of their fingers and it’s very important
that people utilize that. I love that patients tend to get on there and can
even come to me and say I was due for XYZ and they are more proactive with
their health because of mychart. My favorite part about working at
Southwestern Medical Clinic in Stevensville is certainly my patients
and we’ve established more than just a provider patient relationship, but I have
a friendship with many many of them. I recently had a surgical procedure myself
where I donated a kidney and I received dozens of flowers and cards and meals
brought over to my home from patients and it just was really really emotional
for me to know that I’ve had that many relationships outside of just the
patient and provider to have established that kind of thing. Excellent patient
care is treating your patients like their family members. It’s going above
and beyond and not just thinking that you are their practitioner while you’re
sitting in the office and them in front of you. It’s thinking about them outside
of the office as well. What I hope my patients see from me is that I do treat
them like we have a personal relationship. I hope that they see me as
more than just a prescription pusher or someone who’s
there trying to answer just their medical needs, but also that they feel
that I’m trying to meet emotional needs and spiritual needs as well

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