Provider Video Profile: Pamela Klint, NP (Internal Medicine)

My name is Pam Klint and I am a nurse practitioner.
I work at Southwestern Medical Clinic Bridgeman in internal medicine, elder care, and I work
as a team with Dr. Dan Hayward and Toby Klint who is also a nurse practitioner. I did my training at Rush university in Chicago. I had done my under graduate work at Loyola university in California got a BSN back in 1979, and then went back to school at Rush just
within the last 5 years. I love where I work I’ve been a nurse at Southwestern for 20 years now and so coming back to work with them or continuing to work with them but in
a new field has been wonderful. The mission’s work I have done in my life most of it has
been non-nursing oriented but I have done a handful of trips to India and to Mexico
where I have used some nursing back round. I like getting to know what foods they like,
what medicines they have done or what kind of medical or physical therapy they’ve had
in their other cultures. Because we do specialize in elder care and we’re internal medicine
then we end up with a lot of the 65 plus patients with complicated illnesses. But we also are
seeing quite a few younger ones 20, 25 years old, we can go younger then that but we usually
prefer to take them around 20 and ideally around 30 years old. Some of my favorite activities
are whatever my grandkids are doing but if they are not with me I do enjoy walking. People
might be surprised to know that I love rock climbing. I haven’t done it in my older
years, my more recent years, but up until about 40 something years old I would occasionally
do rock climbing. Excellent patient care to me is figuring out with the patient what is
important to them, why they have come in to see me, what are they expecting out of a provider
patient relationship, and how can we together provide the best care for them? When I retire
from my nurse practitioner role I would like to be remembered for providing excellent compassionate care. Somebody who understood their patient, somebody that loved God and loved people.

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