Provider Video Profile: Julia Tkachuk, NP (Family Medicine)

My name is Julia. I’m a family nurse practitioner. I work for Southwestern in Buchanan, and it’s
been an amazing journey to work there. I have a lot of experience with little ones. I worked in the maternity as well as critical
care, cardiac critical care units, so I kind of seen all the aspects of the aging as far
as little ones and older people, so I decided that family practice was what I wanted to
do, and it’s been my dream and I just love it. It’s been an amazing experience. I love helping people. When I just got out of school, I was like,
“Ok. I’ve got all this information. I’m going to just tell my patients everything
so they can know it and they can get better. This is how you’re going to stay healthy
and this is what you can do to avoid this,” and I’ve learned that actually the key is
to form a trust relationship, where my patient can feel comfortable. Where they can come in and say, “Hey Julia. How are you doing today?” and I’ll say
“Yes. How are you today and how is your dog?” Kind of have a different type of relationship
instead of being a professional and a patient. Have more of “I’m here to assist you. I’m here to guide you through your health
problems or to avoid health problems. I’m here to treat you when you’re ill.” One of the things that I would want my patients
to remember anytime they’re done seeing me, or if I retire in 40 years, is probably
that she was a provider who not only cared about my physical health, but also cared about
my spiritual health, my emotional health, she cared about me as a person and that would
be my goal, my goal for my entire professional life.

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