Provider Video Profile: Betsy Becker, NP (Family Medicine)

I’m Betsy Becker. I’m a pediatric nurse
practitioner and I work at Southwestern Medical Clinic in Stevensville. I’m
originally from Nebraska and I’ve lived here for about two years. We first came
here because I was recruited here to work in Stevensville. What I liked the
most was that Southwestern Medical Clinic is missions based and it’s faith
based so I wanted to work in a place that was going to be a good fit for my
family and for me. Pediatric care is the care of patients that are from birth to
age 21, so it encompasses all of that developmental care from the infant all
the way up through the growing years to age 21 and beyond that then there they’re
considered an adult. The best part of my job I think is getting to work with kids
and their families. Kids are great because they’re resilient, but they’re
also sponges so that’s kind of a unique balance that you walk because their
whole environments create them who they are and that is really awe-inspiring for
me and it can be great to be a positive force in their lives.You really let them
know that they’re doing a great job or here’s what we could tweak and you can
model that for them and to see that whole family just light up and come
together at least see that child have some affirmation it’s great so that’s
what I love so much about it. I like my patients to remember me as someone who
heard them and listened to what they were saying and did my best to help them
with their needs.

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