Protection from HPV Human Papilloma Virus – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

The human papilloma virus or HPV is the most
common sexually transmitted disease today. We’ll explain how to prevent it on this Project
Health. There are more than forty types of HPV that
affect the genital, mouth and other areas of both males and females.
You can even have the virus and not know it. That’s why it’s important to be vaccinated
at an early age. HPV is the cause of cervical cancer in women.
It also causes other cancers in both men and women.
It’s really important to be vaccinated prior to the onset of sexual activity.
In addition, children as young as nine, ten, eleven years old probably make a better immune
response to the vaccine. Therefore early vaccination is important.
Being protected from HPV means getting three shots for the best possible results.
To learn more about HPV go to pennstatehershey dot org and click on Project Health.

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