Protecting Your eWIC Card

Hi, Jessica here. Let me tell you what just
happened to my cousin Maria, who’s also on WIC. Last week, her ex-boyfriend took her
eWIC card and bought all her WIC food. Even her baby’s formula. Maria was so upset. I would hate for that
to happen to anyone else! So, I’m here to give you a few ideas about how you can protect
your WIC benefits. To keep your WIC foods safe, you want to keep
both your card and your PIN safe. Here’s how I do that. I keep my card in my wallet with my other
cards. That way I always know where to find it I also keep my PIN safe by not writing it
on the card or keeping the PIN anywhere in my wallet. Instead of remembering her PIN,
my cousin Maria wrote her PIN on a sticky note she kept in her wallet. But that made
it easy for her ex-boyfriend to take her card and buy all her food. In fact, keeping the PIN secret is so important
that even WIC staff won’t know it or ask for it. And nobody else, like eWIC Customer Service
or a store cashier, should ever ask for your PIN. If someone does, just say no! If you’re worried that someone knows your
PIN, it’s easy to just change it. You can change it as often as you need to. All you
have to do is call the eWIC Customer Service line or go to the website. The phone number
and website are on the back of your eWIC card. Both are available 24/7 so you can change
your PIN anytime. Since you’re not writing down your PIN, it
can be easy to forget. If you’re at the store and you enter your PIN wrong four times, it
will lock your account and your account will stay locked until midnight. When your card
is locked you can’t use your card or change your PIN. So, here’s a tip. If you are at the store
and enter the PIN wrong two or three times, you can always stop and change your PIN before
the card locks. To reset your PIN, all you have to do is call
customer service or go to the website. That way, you can finish your shopping! No matter how careful you are, sometimes bad
things happen. If your eWIC card gets lost or stolen, call eWIC customer service right
away, as soon as you notice it’s gone to cancel your card. Then all the food you have left
will be there when you get your new card. It’s great if you can cancel your card before
the person who stole it has a chance to use it. Once a card is cancelled, it can’t ever be
used again. There are a couple ways to get a new card. You can cancel your card by calling eWIC customer
service and they’ll send you a new card in the mail. That can be really easy since it
comes right to your house. It takes about a week to get a new card. If you can’t wait that long, your other option
is to go in to your WIC clinic when they are open. They can give you a new card that same
day. I know it’s hard to always be the one to do
the grocery shopping. The good news is with eWIC, you never have to give your card to
anyone else. You can get a second card for a person you trust to shop for you. You can
do that at the WIC office. You’ll need to have their birthday and address to sign them
up. When you give them their eWIC card, you can tell them how to set their PIN and how
to shop. And also let them know how important it is to keep the card and PIN safe. Sometimes situations change and you might
not want that person shopping for you anymore. Just like cancelling a card, you can call
customer service or call the WIC clinic and tell them you want to cancel your 2nd card.
That cancels their card and makes it so they can’t call and get another card. Only you,
can do that. No one else. Pretty slick, huh? Lucky for us, there are ways to keep both
our eWIC cards and our WIC benefits safe. Now you know what to do if something happens
to your card. Happy shopping!

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