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And I’m Olga Villaverde. Alright, today we wrap up our
4-part series on rehabilitation as I visit with the wonderful
folks at HealthSouth. Alright, tablet technology
today, as our friends at iRULU are back with more great advice
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Love that. And the sun, you know, can be
really harsh, when we’re driving around town, so what are we to
do? I don’t know.
Get your windows tinted to protect you and your skin.
We’re going to explain. Alright the Balancing Act starts
right now. (music).
Our Health Matters series concludes this morning with our
final segment about the important work being done at
inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, and I’m happy to say
that I’m on location, once again, at HealthSouth, one of
the premier inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in the
country, with over 100 hospitals nationwide.
I’m joined, once again, By Dr. Dexan Clohen, HealthSouth’s
chief medical officer, and Sheryl Miller, national director
of therapy operations. Ladies, I want to thank you
again for partnering with us on these great segments.
This is our final one, and Dr. Clohen, let’s recap a little bit
about what you do here at HealthSouth.
Well, HealthSouth is a system of rehabilitation hospitals.
So, people who have found themselves either by injury or
illness losing function, unable to do the things they need to do
in their life. Mobility, speaking, thinking,
whatever it is, can find themselves being at an advantage
to come to a place where they get a higher level of care,
where the therapy is very intense, the medical care is
very close. And doctor, the last time we
were here, we talked a little about some of the conditions you
treat. Let’s talk more about this.
We treat a whole range of conditions.
The ones that come frequently to people’s minds when they think
of a rehabilitative hospital are conditions like stroke, spinal
cord injury, brain injury, amputation, very dramatic sudden
types of loss of function, but we also take care of patients
who have had complicated cardiac conditions, complicated lung
situations, whole body infections, multiple trauma, a
whole of range of people can benefit from rehabilitation
hospital services. Dr. Miller, that’s a pretty
comprehensive list. Let’s talk about someone, let’s
say for example, who has a hip fracture.
What kind of rehabilitation would they expect?
Well, we often see patients with hip fractures in our hospitals,
and the first thing we’re concerned with their course is
their medical stability or their medical management, so our
certified rehabilitation nurses will work with the patient to
make sure they’re medically stable.
They’re getting the medication. They often will need a pain
medication, because of the injury.
They may need some wound care because of the wound or if they
had surgery. Then, we move on to the therapy
part of it, and we’re concerned with their mobility after the
hip fracture. We are also concerned about
their ability to take care of themselves, dress themselves,
bathe themselves, feed themselves, anything that’s
interfering with their simple self care.
The final thing that I think is very important to us is the
education they’re going to need to return home safely, so it’s
very common, actually 1/3 of all elderly adults over the age of
65 will fall every year. Most of our hip fractures are
due to falls, so we must continue to provide them really
good education about how they can prevent or reduce falls at
home. Sometimes that’s a simple as
having a night light in the home, watching your pets,
picking up carpets off the floor.
We have to make sure they’re safe to go home, because we
don’t want them coming back to HealthSouth with another injury
because they fell at home. Strokes are another common
diagnosis we see in our hospitals and there are some
commonalities between the hip fractures.
We’re concerned with their medical management, their
mobility, their self-care, but I think the thing that makes it
more complicated for us to treat the stroke patients is injury to
the brain. Sure.
So, with the brain injury, we may see things like difficulty
communicating, speaking, we may have difficulty thinking with
their cognitive skills, memory, problem solving, reasoning that
we do every day, and finally they may have some difficulty
swallowing, because of the injury to the brain.
So, then they may require what we call speech therapy, so
speech language pathologists would treat our patients that
have strokes pretty often. Dr. Clohen, before you send
somebody home, let’s talk about what you look for in terms of
progress. The key is to have them be safe
and ready and have to continue their improvement after they’re
out of the hospital, so at the very beginning when they arrive,
with the physician’s supervision and direction, game plan is
really established, so we work with the patient and their
family to decide what their goals are, what they need to do
to be able to go home safely. So, we tried to take care of all
of their medical needs, all their therapy needs, nursing
needs, and send them home with the team sending them off and
cheering. This has been such a great
partnership. I’ve been through it, and I’ve
seen it, and you guys are moving mountains here.
Fulfilling, doctor? This is absolutely the best
practice of medicine, the speciality of physical medicine
and rehabilitation, and health south provides a setting where
that can be done with the patient right at the center.
Dr. Miller? I think most of us look our
whole lives for a career where we can make an impact with
people, change lives, and at HealthSouth, we’re able to do
that everyday. And they’re very fortunate to
have you two, and everybody else here.
God bless your entire team and HealthSouth.
Thank you so much. And for viewers who maybe are
looking to put someone in a place like this, where can they
go doctor? or ask your
doctor or discharge planner in an acute care hospital about a
rehabilitation hospital, make sure to use the word hospital,
you’ll get a higher level of care.
And I’ve learned right now the difference.
Thank you so much ladies. God bless both of you.
And for more information on HealthSouth and any of these
segments that we’ve done, just go to our website.
That’s and always
join us on Facebook and Twitter. We always love hearing from you.
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Our favorite affordable digital technology products are back and
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(music). Okay ladies, here’s an alarming
statistic. More than 50% of skin cancers in
the US occur on the left, or driver’s side, of the body.
Now, would you believe the reason for such a disturbing
statistic may be from driving our car?
Yep, driving our cars. Today we’re going to talk about
ways to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, and
hopefully help prevent those numbers from increasing.
Joining us this morning, Rachel Min, from Rayno Window Film.
Good morning. Good morning.
Thanks for being here. Of course, thank you so much for
having me. Okay, I”m really surprised by
reading that, because I’m going to be completely honest with
you. I get in the car with my girls,
I take them to school, I’m covered.
I don’t have one of those cars where you can just put the top
down. I’m protected, no?
No. Actually that is not true.
You should know that actually the sunlight, they have three
different like components. One is a visible light that you
can see and the other one is ultraviolet, and the infrared
ray that you can only feel. While you’re driving, you’re
100% exposed to the UV ray that’s going to give you the
risk for skin cancer. Wow.
So, is that same, let’s say because I’m in South Florida,
and we are the Sunshine State, let’s be honest.
Is that the same for everybody around the nation?
Well, I would say yes, so everybody needs some level of
the sun protection, no matter where you live, because I’ll
tell you that ultraviolet, they’re so good at finding you.
So, even if you’re inside a car, or home, as long as you’re
sitting right beside the window, they’re going to stream into it
and it is going to give you the chance that damage your skin
over there, so… And you mentioned tints.
I’m going to tell you I don’t have tints in my car.
So you have a great illustration of what it feels like in my car
without tints. Tell me what this is.
So, this is a cute demonstration to basically give you the chance
how hot your car, inside, you know, so the first one, this is
with the clear glass. So, when we push it, and the
_____ applies, how do you feel? Oh my gosh, that’s really hot.
Yes. That’s like a hundred degrees.
That’s your car right now. This is my car, no tints,
exactly what I’m going into. And I agree.
Right now we have phantom S7, 20%, let’s try.
Okay, it’s warm, but it’s less. Right.
Wow. We have another film we call
ultra-performance, S9 20%. Oh my gosh.
Different, right? Practically nothing.
Mmm-hmm. So this is really hot, and this
is great. And that’s with Rayno tint.
Yes. So, how do I know what tint to
get? So, basically, we should
basically think about the darkness.
Here, I have a one sample of the window tints that I would like
to show you. Okay.
So, we have four different level of darkness here, so 5%, 20%,
35% and 50%. So, the smaller the number of
the film means darker film, and the higher number is lighter
film. So show me with your hand,
because I’d like to see this, an illustration of you going to
your left, now. Right, so you can see that
percentage of the light that is going to pass through, based on
the darkness. Wow, that is amazing.
Yes. Let’s be honest, most people put
tints on because they don’t want people to see them, but it’s not
for that. It’s more for protecting
yourself then. Exactly.
There is so much about the light technology and science behind
this. Now, I understand that this is a
first of it’s kind, in what way? Because tints are tints to me.
Right, right. But yeah I want to talk a little
bit about the like technology and science behind it, so Rayno
window film we just developed, and we’re the first patented
nano-carbon ceramic window film. So, we do have carbon film on
the market, we do have ceramic film on the market, but we make
a unique blend of the both carbon and ceramic.
And that makes a difference. Yes, that makes a difference.
It just provides the superior comfort and protection, and
maximum durability. And Rachel, it’s not just for
the car, right? Right, so window films are also
applicable for the home or the office, so first, even if you
are inside the home or the car, it still protects you from the
possible UV rays, the UV damages, and at the same time,
the window film also creates more privacy for you.
We developed a science in this area too, and we call it smart
film technology. So, Rayno Smartfilm is an
intelligent, on and off light switchable film created by the
liquid crystal window film technology.
So, it still blocks the UV and ion rays, but it allows a film
to turn on and off from clear to opaque and creating a
projectable like privacy wall. It sounds so romantic.
Thank you so much. I like this.
I really do appreciate it, and for our viewers out there who
would like more information on Rayno?
You can always go to our website.
It’s Great illustration here.
Thank you. I do appreciate your time.
Of course, head to for more
information about this Rayno Sun Protection technology, and don’t
forget to find us on Facebook and Twitter.
(music). (music).
When it comes to food for our pets, we want the best nutrition
variety and taste for them, just like we want for the rest of our
family. Joining us today is Marie Moody,
founder and chairman of Stella and Chewy’s to talk about Meal
Mixers, the newest addition to their family of premium food for
dogs, and to help us learn about how this product can add raw
food, nutrition and taste to any dogs diet.
Marie, it’s so great to have you on The Balancing Act.
Thank you. How did Stella and Chewy’s come
about? Well, Stella and Chewy’s came
about really out of my kitchen in New York City, after I
adopted a sick dog, Chewy, who was very sick when I adopted
him. So, as a result, I did a lot of
research on pet food and something that kept coming up
was that one of the most important things you can do is
to feed a dog a raw diet, because it would simulate how
they would have eaten in the wild.
Can you tell us about your philosophy about feeding dogs?
The idea is really, because they are domesticated, often times
people think that means that they’re not really related to
wolves or foxes, but they are. In fact, their DNA is 99%
similar to that of a wolf. Wow.
Therefore, they really are designed to eat like they would
have eaten in the wild, and how their ancestors ate.
What we wanted to do was provide something people could mix in
with their current pet food, that way they could get the
benefits of a raw diet, without having to go all the way to a
raw diet. Marie, how are meal mixers
really different from other dog food.
Well, the meal mixers are 95% real meat, bone and organ, with
no grains. All the meats are all natural,
hormone free, no added antibiotics or hormones, and the
food itself is freeze-dried, so that means it’s processed
without heat, so that it’s still raw.
And they seem like they’re easy to use, and that the dogs love
them, right? That’s true.
In fact, we did a study with a major university, and we found
that 9 out of 10 dogs preferred their current meal with the meal
mixer on it. What are the health benefits
that you’ve found when you add this to the dogs food?
Because it’s a food that is much closer to it’s natural state,
than say something that’s highly processed, what we have found
that the raw food diets improve their vitality, their coats.
It can prevent allergies. In general, for you and I, or
anybody in our family, when we want to feed them fresher food,
the idea is to promote better health.
Marie, thanks so much for stopping by.
Great having you, great information, great name.
Love the product. Thank you.
Alright, and if you would like to learn more, we want you to
head on over to
You can also follow us on Facebook as well, share your pet
stories with us. Portions of today’s program are
brought to you by iRULU, makers of quality tablets and
smartphones that fit the family budget.
iRULU. Today’s hottest technology
without the high price. Well it’s almost time to start
your day. I hope you make it a great one.
Absolutely. And by the way, great is, the
people at HealthSouth. They’re really making a
difference and our four-legged animals?
They make a huge difference too. The patient’s love them.
Thank you to everybody there. Absolutely.
Remember to check out our website,
You can find lots more information right there.
Don’t forget we’re also on Twitter and Facebook.
Follow us, like us, Tweet us, love us.
All of that. Till next time, find your
balance. So long everybody.

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