Prostate Milking, How To Avoid Prostate Cancer, Heal an Enlarged Prostate

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot
sex adviser, to millions. I am with Dr. Rylie. Dr. Rylie’s with
Real Sex Talk YouTube videos. We’re doing a series called Prostate
Care because there’s so much you to know about your prostate. Dr. Rylie
and I have been really enjoying teaching and learning from each other
and sharing information. We’re here to share it with you. On
this episode, we’re talking about how you can flush out the fluid in your
prostate in a safe and pleasurable way so that it doesn’t lead to cancer or
prostatitis, which could lead to cancer. Dr. Rylie has a foundation. Dr. Rylie, thank you so much for doing this with me. Tell us about the name of
your foundation. Susan, it is called the Prostate Cancer Prevention
Awareness Foundation. What Dr. Rylie and I are really
doing here is teaching you how to take care of yourself so you don’t run into
trouble later in your life. and if you are starting to get prostatitis or
having any prostate issues, what you can do. Don’t miss some of the really
fun videos in this series including a prostate toy haul. We’re going to unbox a
bunch of prostate toys and talk about which one might be the best one for you.
The first thing we want to talk about, Dr. Rylie, is this concept of
getting that fluid in the prostate in that gland flushed out instead of
stuck in there like sludge. Why don’t you give us a quick
overview of how a man would be able to move that fluid through so that it
doesn’t get yucky and stuffy in there.
The best way to get the fluid out of the prostate is by doing a prostate
massage. You can either have your partner do it or you can use a toy to do it. Either way, you want to go in and get on the prostate gland and
actually massage it to where that fluid gets moved around and then it will
get released when you ejaculate. Basically, it’s hard for
you to get your own finger up there. Your prostate is up inside your rectum.
So, you go inside your butthole and your anus and you feel
this little gland. It feels like a little acorn, a normal-sized prostate. You will put this tool inside you, something like this. There are different kinds.
Watch our toy haul where we’re going to unbox a bunch of prostate massagers.
This little tip will press on your prostate up inside you and that is what
you’re going to use to stimulate it. You’re doing something else at the same time as you’re masturbating. Talk a bit about the combination of putting this against
the prostate, resting it there and slowly palpating the prostate and masturbating. The best way is what is known as the lingam and the
prostate massage together. When you’re masturbating and bringing
yourself close to the ejaculation and backing off and close, you’re
actually stimulating the prostate. So the prostate starts to pulsate.
In most men, I explain it as when you’re inside a female and
she starts pulsating. It’s very similar to what the prostate starts
doing. When you’re bringing yourself close and backing off, you’re not only stimulating the prostate, but also moving that fluid around in
there and the fluid that’s on the bottom. When I say on the bottom of the prostate,
it’s is that sludge that you were talking about. That’s the heavy
built-up fluid. So when you’re masturbating and you’re getting that
fluid moved around, when you go in with a prostate massager and it gets on the gland, it will start stirring
everything up. Then when you ejaculate, it’s going to cause that
fluid to flush out. Also, one of the things about prostate massage while
you’re masturbating and taking yourself up and
your arousal, it will take some practice. You’ll watch our video
called Riding the Wave, where we’ll give you even more specific instructions
about how to masturbate while you’re giving yourself a prostate massage.
Know that and you can watch this in our toy haul. These prostate massagers
also vibrate. You can get vibrating massagers. So the feeling of stimulating
your prostate while you’re masturbating and having that vibration on your P spot is incredibly pleasurable and gives you an incredibly intense release. Once you finally ejaculate, you’re really going to love it. It’s very healthy for
you. Keep watching our videos. If you have any questions, feel free to comment
below the video. Dr. Rylie and I will answer all polite and lovely
questions. We’re here to support your prostate health and we’ll see you on the
other side.

35 thoughts on “Prostate Milking, How To Avoid Prostate Cancer, Heal an Enlarged Prostate

  1. If only a woman like you could do it for me. Anyway, I enjoy your videos and it relaxes me also. And like Dr. Rylie to..

  2. There is a lot of contradictory evidence out there on this. Some medical sites say there is a lot of risk with prostate massage and that there isn't good evidence that it helps.

  3. Thank you for the great advice ladies it was very informative. Last year I had a close friend who died of prostate cancer at the age of 67 years. Also, I had another friend who died 2 years ago of lung-cancer which was a secondary cancer caused by prostate cancer. It is very important that men are fully aware of this.

  4. thankyou guys very much!, ive been doing this method ive learned from videos from you and Dr. Rylie, best medical advice ive seen.

  5. If you’re a guy (or woman) how do you get your anus ready for a toy to go inside you? I’m sure you can tear something if you just try and go inside without a “warmup”

  6. This HORRIFIES me!!!

    Is there another equally effective way to clean the prostate without inserting anything?

  7. I can't thank Susan and Dr. Rylie enough for making this series. Every man should have regular prostate massages and I hope that now more will. Prostate cancer is the 4th most common type of cancer and I really appreciate your info on how to keep their walnut healthy and happy. You are doing all men a great service.

  8. I have two older 1/2 brothers that both had their Prostates removed. I have never encountered any symptoms of waking up in the night and other related issues. after listening to this I understand that my sexual behavior from a young age (13 to my fifties) has kept my sexual health intact and in good shape for many more years to CUM.

  9. Hi Susan: My question for you and Dr. Rylie is about edging and ejaculation frequency.
    I recently was reading about tantric semen retention and ejaculation frequency. According to ancient tantric teachings a man should regulate his ejaculations. I'm 60 and according to what I've read I should be ejaculating no more than once or twice a month what does Dr. Rylie think about that?
    Is that healthy for your prostate? Seems to be a lot of conflicting information about that.

  10. I have diabetes and bladder nerve damage so I have very very weak if any ejaculation at all. Can this somehow help me?

  11. Love having my prostate milked 2 and 3 times a week. I have been having that done for the last 3 plus yrs. Doesn't get any better than that. Don't knock it if you haven't tryed it.

  12. Is inserting a curved object in your rear end a dangerous thing to do if you have hemorrhoids? Think I'll just keep mastubating!

  13. I have been listening to urologists for more than 3 years on prostate cancer treatments but never heard any Doctor suggesting men use this method. Can this be confirmed by male Doctors

  14. Couple of feminists fucking men in the ass bending us over…woman have grown Combs and become rooster and now men are hens…hehehehehe..I will say… prostate massage with the doxy 3 has made me a better heterosexual man…thank you Dr

  15. I haven’t found anyone who wants to do it . My Urologist has really huge hands . OMG. WOW 😮 I May Have to pay for it ( any volunteers ? Ha sure )

  16. Where is the vid about "riding the wave"??? 68 here also at my age, would your toy tear the lining of the colon? ,soo sorry, I mean tearing the rectum

  17. Can I write these devices off as a medical expense? If I can get a paid assistant @ $200, is this a deductible medical expense?

  18. I had a TURP, to relieve BPH and urine retention. I now have Retrograde Ejaculation ( one drop) and some pelvic pain. The 25-40 year old urologists say the climax is the same… IT ISN'T!!! How will the milking be affected by the Retrograde Ejaculation? I am guessing that the milking might actually alleviate the pain.

  19. Think! Massaging will cause prostate fluids to be pushed into the blood stream. So, if you have a high PSA, all those cancer cells get distributed around the body. The prostate does not kill you, it's the fluid distribution that infects other organs with cancer cells that will kill you!

  20. When I asked a proper Urologist about "moving prostate fluid to prevent cancer" he laughed and said this kind of stuff is a bunch of porn fantasy nonsense. The prostate moves fluid naturally and does not "back up". What gives?

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