Progressive Medical Center – Your First Appointment

A first visit at Progressive Medical is unlike many medical visits that you’ve had in the past. When you come to Progressive Medical, expect a whole new experience, a different level of depth and a place where we really get to understand what’s going on with you, your health concerns, your family, even sometimes your family’s dogs. So, as we are looking at all of these components and how they fit together, it is probably obvious that this can’t happen in the standard amount of time usually allocated at traditional physician visits. A typical office visit lasts anywhere from five to seven minutes. This doesn’t give us the amount of time that we need to really get to know all the pieces of the puzzle, to treat you as an individual and to understand what’s happening in your system. You’ll come in and you will meet with one of our physicians. At that time, they will take a detailed history. Be prepared to answer many questions about how your gut feels and what kind of food you eat and even where you’ve lived in the past and what things are most important to you, what your goals are in terms of your health. After a very thorough history is taken, we’ll now move on to a detailed physical, similar to what you’re used to, listening to your heart and lungs, but beyond that. In depth look at the gut and thinking about reflexes and motor skills, and putting all of this together to now see, what would be the best diagnostic workout be for that person in front of us. From there, from a detailed history as well as a physical exam, we put those two together to understand what testing can guide us further and what information we can gather to make sure that we’re treating somebody in a way that is least invasive but most effective. So, at that moment in time, after we’ve gathered a thorough amount of data about you, your history, your family, we will make recommendations in terms of a lab work that is appropriate for you. Sometimes these are blood samples, sometimes urine samples, sometimes even hair samples. We look at all different avenues to really figure out what’s happening in that person in front of us. Additionally at that visit, we know that it’s important that all pieces are considered, the logistics as well. So, somebody will meet with you, they’ll review your insurance information, they’ll talk to you about different financial options and what’s gonna be entailed, so you can make a good decision if this is a good fit for you, both philosophically, from an integrated medicine point of view, as well as the nuts and bolts financially logistically. As we get those two pieces together, you will then make a decision, and from there you’ll be scheduled for your second appointment.

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