Professional & Personal Review- Drug Rehab Counselor

basically my whole teen life was spent either loaded or locked up. The life that I was living was so empty. On occasion you do consider ending
it because there doesn’t seem to be a
solution, there doesn’t seem to be any way out. Kory is…he is phenomenal. He goes so far and above and beyond what is required because he wants
everyone to get it. Sometimes I have to tell him, “Kory stop!”
He wants everyone to have the ultimate experience and he wants to
ensure that everyone has a chance. We really go the long mile with an
individual and no matter how resistant They might be initially, we continue to work with them, and make sure that we follow through with them not only through this initial treatment
but into after-care I’m back out into the community. Always making sure that they have a
resource, contacts… I mean Kory will go and fly out and pick
people up and he will drive down and we will
accommodate everyone’s needs just so long as we can
keep them here long enough. A lot of individuals will come in
initially and say on my gosh I can’t go through this, I can’t go through with
this, I can’t go through this and he will support them and accommodate
them until they can actually get themselves
into group and then watch some phenomenal things
take place. During that period of time once they realize that it’s safe and that they can recover.

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