Professional Athlete Care Team Clinic at Tulane

I remember sitting in the waiting room
and someone came up to me and talked to me about some game that I’d played. They were speaking to a player that was no longer around. Jabbar Griffith, man, was
there but they were speaking to Jabari Greer, the player. When we’re there for a
very intimate and transparent issue no matter what it is with our body, we
prefer to be the person under the helmet and not the warrior with it with the
pads and the helmet on. We treat the whole athlete, we treat every aspect,
mental health, emotional health, physical health, whether it’s musculoskeletal,
whether it’s cardiovascular, whether it’s the brain and neurologic. We’re concerned about every aspect. In this environment, we understand that they are primarily
patients. They’re coming here for their health and for their well-being in an
environment that they don’t have to worry about anybody else knowing about
their health care. This professional athlete care team is
housed within Tulane health systems at the hospital that is backed by HCA. I
went through the brain and body assessment in 2015 myself. When I left, I
just kept in touch. They did a great job of continuing that contact, following up
with me, and that’s a big part of our services. The follow up fees when we when
players leave here we want to continue to follow up with them to see where
they’re at. The NFL is selected five hospitals one being Tulane to put
together a VIP team so the players who had concerns about their neurocognitive
health would get evaluated in the end to be treated.
Tulane was a standout of the five and we picked five that were the top in the
country. It’s imperative that we have something like this to help bolster
the support that we had while we were athletes and we were playing for the
next 30, 40, 50 years after we’ve left the game. Having that level of privacy, the level
of access to address your health care needs is critical for ex players. Not only
protecting their privacy, but also giving them the space to be vulnerable and
honestly disclose everything is going on with them.

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