‘Pro-Lifers’ Protest At Clinic Of Murdered Doctor

today is the beginning up the 40 Days
for Life prayer campaign it’s a gathering of
protesters who will pray outside have doctor tiller’s former abortion clinic
of course doctor tiller is the abortion doctor who is up murdered
by pro-life activists know that iron well it recently reopened is quite close
now it reopened and this campaign is the 13th a of its kind and its goal is to
dissuade women from having an abortion and when I read about this I was
reminded love this exchange where a husband of
for a woman who needed an abortion confronted a couple love pro-life
protesters skewing why it is you actually
accomplish visible watching it I just checking my
way yet another kid and you know it 100,000
failed in my eyes a congenital deformity to you my way doing nothing and having are you dead
baby inshallah and naturally game Italian tell us what you just did you sorry you random people you have no idea what
you doing here just couple is despicable in that case because people like you
known as to Kelly’s anymore you can make people who are already
upset on the worst day to the last few years should really not a whole lot of places
to go anymore malaysia has she was just a hospitalist
to lead with a hospital guess what does a time sensitive nature
on this and I don’t let her keep me going
stillborn baby which is what would happen if we wait anymore let me give you guys some factual quick
see you understand exactly why these guys are wrong ninety percent of all abortions in the
United States occur before thirteen weeks know that
means you’re doing with gametes and zygotes and embryos and pre Jess station fetuses ninety 8 percent of all abortions occur before 20 weeks so thats before there’s but a nervous
system that’s developed so they’re 0 pain what we’re really
talking about here in ninety-eight percent of cases
certainly over ninety percent of cases we’re talking about preventing all life not ending a life preventing a life but
these guys think that they know better than the science and they think they should be able to
tell you how to live your life and you know where these pro-lifers would be much more useful go protest in a war zone for him out you protest
outside oven a Army recruiters office to stop our
young men and women from going to fight in Afghanistan gonna fight overseas and online if only all these guys
actually cared about life as much as they pretend to care about life there’ll be a at you know they would
have been all the Iraq war protests talking about the over a hundred
thousand iraqis have civilians who were killed it would be protesting about the drone
program about how over 2,000 but innocent people have died
in Pakistan Yemen and Somalia from are drawn say we talk about how the
United States targets the funeral Taliban operatives where we know
there are women and children there and we know there are civilians there but we
attack anyway we bought them up anyway if you’re really pro-life fight for
those things

40 thoughts on “‘Pro-Lifers’ Protest At Clinic Of Murdered Doctor

  1. They're not "pro-life", they're "pro-birth".They couldn't give less of a shit how this potential human being is fed,educated,or housed.

  2. naw, them christians know about european american negative birth rates and europeans being 10% of the population. yall cant afford any dead babies and they know it.

  3. Exactly. Sentience. I think consciousness begins when the doctor smacks your ass and they take the shit out of your nose, eyes and ears. I can't remember anything before that.

  4. I don't know if you know but casualty are part of war. Going throgh a war without any casualtys would be impossible. Question: would you rather have a few casualty or another 9/11 think about it

  5. couldn't agree more Kyle. Now someone just needs to explain it thoroughly to these people, and explain that many millions of more potential lives are killed during sex – given that only 1 out of millions of sperm cells actually makes it to the egg – than when a blastocyst is destroyed, and that blastocyst, which is a collection of only a few dozen cells with the potential to make just ONE life. From their "logic" if early-term abortion is murder, masturbation is genocide…

  6. Everytime I see sick shit like that it fondly remember this video of some idiot "pro-lifers" being run over by a car that they threw themselves in front of without giving the driver a chance to even see them.

  7. Yeah, some idiot old woman on a street corner holding a (bad) painting of jesus knows more about science than a biologist or doctor…right. Morons.

  8. They're not even "pro-birth". The so-called "pro-lifers" even allowed women and to die giving birth instead of giving them a life saving abortion which would have saved one of them. They are "pro-human-fetus" only. Protecting life itself, including wild-life, is last on their list, if on it at all. Guns and bombs to destroy it are more important.

  9. "Gametes, zygotes, and embryos? Oh my!"
    Science fact hating, undereducated rubes don't understand such big words and think that people who want to go to college are "snobs". All they understand is what their preachers told them.

  10. Rick Perry killed more than 250. Those activists should go to prison and stop executing criminals. Criminals are human beings as well.

  11. They're essentially religious zealots very blinded by their ideology. 60 million people died in World War 2. I can't overcome that fact and accept that "human life" really IS that "sacred".

  12. who is yelling at who? this guy is a moron. he could stand there and yell at a woman, let him yell at a man…I dont think so, he would get his block knocked out!!

  13. You and Carlin are morons. You both have no understanding about what is going on. Your like kids being led by the nose by guys like G. Carlin. wow,what a moron!

  14. wow, if you murder babies your "right on" if you try and save them your a religious zealot! hey beanie, whens the last time you murdered a babie, dont you want to earn your bones?

  15. Hey beanie boy, arent you glad your mother was pro life? otherwise you would be a baby in a jar of embalming fluid so that all the pro choice people can look at you and pat themselves on the back.

  16. Great, another moron. pro choicers have their nerve accusing people of killing when they murder millions of babie a year! wow!

  17. You don't have to assume anything about me. That is a contradictory question. You talk as if you know, then you assume. Not trying to be mean, just real.

  18. I guess you haven't driven around in traffic lately. Can you imagine 58 million more folks on the road with the road system in this country? Not to mention the resources this unborn crowd would've burned up by now. Good luck with your lunacy. I'll thankfully be gone in a few years, I hope!

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