[Preview] A day at the low-carb clinic

So there’s an underlying
insulin resistance that can occur especially if someone
is weighing 264 pounds. And this is about a 5 foot gentleman
so until that insulin resistance– Well, we believe until that
insulin resistance is fixed, you may still have to have
treatment for diabetes. But he’s on a lot less insulin. They’re saving money in many cases,
$500 a month now being spent if your insurance is covering this, they’re happy about that too,
not having to pay that. So this person is still on insulin
after six months. So it’s not that everyone is going to come off,
but they’re going in that direction. It’s kind of like… I am known
for crazy metaphors, you know, it’s kind of like people are put
on an escalator, people with diabetes. And the weight, how much people weigh
is the elevation on the escalator. And once you get on it
it’s actually pretty easy. I mean doctors give you medicine,
you eat really nice things, but then suddenly you look over and you’re
halfway between the floors on the escalator and you’re going up,
still going up and that’s scary. So the first thing to do is to stop
the escalator, teach people how to do this, and then have them
start walking down the other direction. And it may not be overnight,
there’s a lot of support that needs to happen, but to just be able to give people the choice,
the option of doing this would be huge. Don’t you think?
Just give them the choice! Yeah, right.

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