[Preview] A Day at Dr. Gerber’s Low-Carb Clinic

Today we’re at my office
in Littleton Colorado where we use food as medicine every day
to treat and prevent chronic disease. I went from being a vegetarian,
a low-fat vegetarian to pick your word, I am low-carb high-fat. And it’s now 17 years that
I’ve been working with my patients, I like to call myself
their personal health coach. I’ve always been very good with what
I thought was the appropriate thing. So the diet was a low-fat diet
for many, many years. I can’t eat the way I used to. It just takes a couple of bites
and I’m satisfied. I was 20 kg, 40 pounds
heavier than I am now and then I started to look at the literature
and particularly the metabolic syndrome… and a light bulb went off in my head
and at that point I said, “We got it wrong”

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