Prevent Varicose Veins & Spider Veins – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you seven ways to prevent varicose veins and spider veins.
so let’s get started. so with varicose veins and spider veins, they happen because we’re not getting enough
circulation to our legs. the varicose veins are those very thick cord like
veins that pop out of the skin. they they’re really sometimes tender to the
touch and they’re at risk of actually bursting and causing severe bleeding. so
those are really scar.y spider veins are the ones that you can see that are the
kind of purply veins that come to the surface. sometimes it’s caused by injury
sometimes it’s caused by poor circulation. I do have some at my ankles,
so I work on those a lot. so that’s kind of the difference. the spider ones aren’t
quite as scary but the varicose veins are the ones that kind of pop out and
are very cord like. so the best way to help prevent those is to get the
circulation in your legs. and so especially if you have a desk job or
you’re sitting a lot all day, you really want to keep them moving. and one of the
easiest things to do is a simple ankle pump. so with an ankle pump, all you’re
doing is just like it sounds, you’re pumping it down and pulling it back up.
and so that’s working that calf muscle to just almost act like a natural pump
to get that blood flowing through your legs back into your system. getting the
oxygen back in your blood and circulating it through your body.
so with ankle pumps, you really can’t do too many you can do them all throughout
the day, you can do them sitting like I’m doing. you can do them lying down in bed
you can you know even stand up and pump if you want to. so they’re super
easy to do, and I really like them. you know so 10 to 15 several times
throughout the day. so then the next thing is a seated heel toe raise. so this
time it’s almost like an ankle pump, but now you’re using the floor to give you a
little bit of resistance. so you’re working those muscles a little bit more,
and all it is is you’re coming up with the heels and then you’re coming back
down, and then you’re coming up with your toes. so you’re just alternating back and
forth. just kind of raising those heels, raising
those toes. that’s why they’re called heel toe raises. but you’re getting a
little bit of push off from the floor, a little bit of feedback. so it’s working
those muscles a little bit more. so another great way to prevent varicose
veins and spider veins is using compression stockings, hose, or socks. and
so the folks at jomi compression sent me their JOMI compression thigh-high
socks. and as you can see an array of other things. so what’s really great
about compression hose is it helps get that circulation moving a little bit
better with that compression. so if my blood likes to pool down at my legs and
I’m not getting a lot of movement, this helps work it back into my system. and so
the thigh highs are really nice because they cross over the knees. so sometimes
people have swelling and their knees all the way down into their legs, and that’s
when you can use the thigh highs. sometimes you just have you know it down
in the lower part of your legs and then you can use the knee highs, or they even
have things like men’s leotard, or the women’s for maternity as well. so they’ve
got a lot of different varieties and you can see a lot of different colors. they
also have some products that help you get them on because sometimes with
compression stockings and hose, they’re a little bit difficult for some people. I
don’t find it too hard, but I help people put them on all the time. so I’m going to
put these on and just kind of show you what they look like real quick. boink! and
they’re on. so you can see these thigh highs have an open toe and a lot of
times that just helps for a little bit more breathability. so if you have feet
that get a little more sweaty, sometimes the open toes work really well for you.
there’s also some silicone on the top here and that helps prevent it from
sliding back down which is really nice because some brands don’t have that and
they do slide down pretty easily, and so I’ll show you here on these as well that
it has that silicone on there that is really nice. and so what’s really again
great as you can see it comes all the way up to the thigh, so it’s crossing
over the knees. if you don’t have any problems with your knees
those knee-high ones work fine as well, but again you can go a full body and
give that great compression. so not only are these great for varicose veins,
spider veins, but it also helps with just general fatigue and then it can also
help prevent DVT S which are those deep vein thrombosis, scary things. and then
also even just muscle soreness in general. so it’s a great product to use for a
variety of different things, but it really helps increase that circulation
and protect those veins for the varicose veins and those spider veins. so if
you’re interested in purchasing any of the JOMI compression products, make sure
and click on the link up there. so now we’re gonna do some standing stretches
and exercises. it’s always good to do some stuff standing so you’re getting
that body weight resistance. so the next one’s going to be a runner stretch. and
that stretches out your calf muscle and your Achilles and so it’s really good to
give that flexibility in there to help prevent those spider veins and those
varicose veins. so if I’m stretching my left side, the pink side, I’m gonna put
that foot back. I want to keep my heel down and I want to keep my toes pointed
forward. sometimes people want to turn their foot out like that, but then you’re
not going to get the right stretch. so keep those toes pointed forward. bring
the other one forward and you can bend this knee, but keep this nice locked out
straight. so then you’re just gonna hold on to something. you can do it against
the wall, you can hold on to a counter top, or to a chair, and you’re just gonna
lean in until you feel that stretch in your calf muscle. but keeping that heel
down the whole time. if I bring my heel up then I’m not stretching that calf
anymore. if you need to put the foot further back, you can, and then really get
a stretch forward. so since this is a full stretch, you want to hold it for 30
seconds. I like to alternate back and forth just to give each side a rest.
so you do 30 seconds on each side. so then the next one is going to be just a
single leg heel raise. so you might want to start off with two, but if you’re
getting standing up and you’re getting a little bit stronger you can do a single
leg heel raise. so two would just be going up this way and slowly coming back
down, but one you’re just gonna do one side at a time. make sure you have
something to hold on to sturdy the first couple times. you can do it, once you get
advanced, you can do it without holding on to anything, but just make sure you
have your balance so you can focus on the movement. so you want to go slow and
controlled. you don’t want to just do this. that’s not really beneficial and
that’s just using momentum, so really come up bring that heel as high as you
can and then just nice and slow come back down. so again if
this is too much for you, make sure you’re doing two but one is really going
to work that calf muscle and help prevent those spider veins and varicose
veins, and then so the last one is just a simple squat. but make sure again you’re
doing the squat correctly. if you need the chair behind you so you can sit down
if you feel like you can’t come all the way up that’s fine, but with a squat you
really just want to keep your feet about shoulder width apart. you can go a little
further out that makes it a little bit easier. toes pointing forward. and when
you squat down, you really want to bring your bottom back. so your toes you should
always be able to see them. if if I’m bringing my knees in front of my toes
and I can’t see my toes, I’m not squatting right. you really want to stick
your bottom back behind you so you can see your toes the whole time. and keep
the weight shifted equally on your heels and your toes. so I’m not coming up on my
toes like this, and I’m not leaning back where I’m almost falling back.
so really shift your weight back into that booty, bring your chest forward just
a little bit, and that helps even everything out. so depending on how easy
these are for you is how far you can go down. so you might just want to do a
little mini squat and that’s fine. or you can go just a little bit deeper. but make
sure you’re using correct form. so again just starting off with 10 to 15, maybe 2
sets a couple times a day. so those were seven ways to prevent varicose veins and
spider veins. if you’re interested in purchasing the jomi compression
thigh-highs or any of their other products, make sure and click on the link
up there. and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there. and remember be
safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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