Prevent Osteoporosis with Exercise

Did you know that bone growth usually
peaks around the age of 35 and there’s something that you can do about it so
come along with me and I’ll show them. So walking is one of the best ways and
easiest ways to begin building bone growth for your lower body. Things you
want to think about is standing tall. Pretend you’re two inches taller than
you are. You want to have a comfortable stride length when you’re walking. It’s
an open chain activity so your leg is coming off a surface hitting a surface
so you’re getting forces transmitted up through the body and that’s gonna
stimulate that bone growth. You can do steps and we’ll demonstrate some for you going forwards and backwards. Step it forward, stepping back, easy way
to get that bone stimulation you can go side to side, out and back, it’s real
simple to do. You don’t need a lot of space. You can make boxes so you can go forward forward and back again another simple easy step you can
do. You can make circles so you’re stepping out and around good. So just
making circles like this so you’re getting those forces transmitted up
through your legs at different angles to stimulate the bone growth around your
body. So if you want a higher level challenge for building your strength and
for your bone growth you can do things like squats and lunges. So there are
different ways to modify it I’m going to demonstrate a deep squat and then I’ll
have Kay demonstrate a modified squat. So deep squat you go down and you come up. Things that are really important to remember is you want to keep your feet
facing forward, knees lined up with your feet but you want to be able to see your toes
when you go down. So you can act like you wanted to sit down and come back up. To
modify that you just don’t go down as far. So keep your knees separated, act
like you’re gonna do a little mini so you’re sitting onto a high stool instead
of a low chair. So that’s how you can modify it. If you feel unsafe you can
hold on to a chair or the back of the sofa or the counter top. Another thing
that you can do is some lunges taking one leg is step back, to modify it you
just do a little mini lunge come back up together go back down together. To get
deeper I’ll demonstrate that you go back you drop down you cut them up keep your
upper body straight you don’t want to be leaning forward and those are different
ways that you can challenge yourself at higher level activities. We want to keep
the whole body strong so different ways to do that or to use resistive bands or
weights or even household activities so first I’m going to show you some things
that you can do with the bands. So you have you band up, you’re gonna bring your
arms all the way out to the side and then back in nice and slow and
controlled. Pretend that you are two inches taller than you are so you have a
nice good posture. I’m gonna have Kay turn around here we’re gonna show you
from the back so something we want to focus out even a little bit more for me
turning around so you want to think about squeezing
your shoulder blades together and then letting them come forward and the reason
that is important is that when you think about postural changes people start to
come forward and we want to avoid that no one wants to look like this when
they’re walking around so when you’re pulling your shoulder blades together
that’s gonna help the bone growth back there the muscle strength to keep you in
better alignment. A couple of other things that you can do
with your band is something called the sash or seat belt so one arm will stay
down the other arms up you’re gonna pull it up a cross-gen the band’s gonna come
across you like a seat belt perfect and then up and down and then you always
want to switch sides so you’re not out of balance.
That’s another simple thing you can do. You can use everyday household items to
do your exercise also especially for the upper body. We’re gonna do some water
bottles you can use cleaning supplies, you could be lifting and moving laundry
baskets, anything around your house. Some easy things to do with the water bottles
is overhead presses, just pressing up and down. So you’re gonna be building
shoulder strength those muscles will be getting stronger pulling on the bones to
create that bone growth. You can do bicep curls with them, your arms by the side,
you’re just curling up and down. We’re gonna work the front of the arms get
that strength in the muscles going. Another one you can do with these is
tricep extensions, so hands are up and you’re just straightening that elbow and
bringing them back down. Easy to do these on commercial breaks during TV shows, you
can do them while you’re meal prepping, you can do them different times during the
day. So we have open chain activities for the arms, which is where your hands can
leave a surface and then come back to a surface and then the closed chain
activity for the arms and upper body strengthening, where you’re holding
weights or bands. We’re gonna demonstrate a little bit of both of those this time.
So we’ll have Kay put her hands up on the wall, we’re gonna demonstrate doing a wall
pushup, so you she’s just gonna be coming close to the wall pushing back out. You
can do this on a wall, you can do this on a countertop. To make it into an open
chain activity, she’s gonna push off the wall, so she’s gonna go in she’s gonna
push back, she’s gonna come forward and catch herself slowly, lower in. This is
gonna stimulate more bone growth because she’s getting those forces through her
arms. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend with me and
learn about osteoporosis and things that you can do to help build your bone. In summary we talked about open chained activity and closed
chained activity. The open chained activity were that items like walking and dancing
those push-ups we do down the wall when you spring in off the wall. The close
chained activity are going to be things like your squats and using your water
bottles for the elastic bands so your limbs are staying in contact with
something. If you would like to learn more information about our program
please visit our website and my name is
Sue Shaver

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