19 thoughts on “President Trump visits survivors in Dayton hospital

  1. Don't buy this feckless idiot and his criminal organization !!
    He could care less about them. It's all leverage.

  2. He was mentally ill not a white supremes. The bad guys will not be handing in their guns, it is just naive to think otherwise.

  3. I just think it’s ridiculous how people are blame trump for this. It’s not trump it’s the psycho individuals that made the choice not trump… no correlation at all

  4. Good God. The man makes the effort to visit the survivors, yet the democrats still spew their blind hatred.

  5. Regardless of what the Drive By Media reports, President Donald J. Trump is a compassionate man who truly cares about the American People.

  6. Hahah "do something" look at all those chumps begging government to do something, they will do nothing and take your liberties. He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neitherliberty nor security. -TJ
    this is what politicians love people begging them to do stuff. More gov please more taxes and laws please. See where that gets u. Also the anti white propaganda spewers are out in full force mean while you have a black mass shooter in kennedy heights shooting white people….for being white and in his 'hood'. Lol https://youtu.be/EmiDj2ryMuw the dayton shooter is antifa and so are these chumps maybe they should all be put on red flag lists. And surveilled.

  7. it's his action that made this happen why give him the time of day don't care who he thinks he is i would have said no i don't want to see or deal with him

  8. So that little girl was shot in a bar at 1am? He had to find some prop to tug on heartstrings since no actual victim agreed to meet or be seen with Trump.

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