Preparing for Surgery at Sky Ridge Medical Center

(upbeat music) – Welcome to Sky Ridge Medical Center and thank you for
choosing us for your care. Our mission is to be
a destination facility with superior, clinical outcomes that provides a beyond-expectations
service experience, and we hope we will
deliver just that for you. The goal of this brief
presentation is to pave the way for you on the day of surgery, making your experience with
us as smooth as possible. So, let’s get started. To ensure that we have all we
need on the day of surgery, we encourage you to schedule your pre-admission
testing appointment about two weeks prior to your surgery. Simply go to our website at and complete our One Medical Passport preregistration information or call us at 720-225-1667 to talk with a scheduler. Remember to have a current
list of your medications and doses handy to give
to our pre-admission nurse or when you are on the website, and please be sure to talk to your doctor about the best time to stop
taking any medications, like blood thinners, herbal supplements or diabetes medicine. It’s important also to let us know if you use tobacco, marijuana, alcohol or other drugs. We are not judging. It helps us help you avoid withdrawal or any possible negative reactions with other medications we may prescribe. And as a reminder, avoid food, drink, gum or candy prior to surgery. It’s okay to take a small sip of water with essential or pain medications that your doctor has okayed. And don’t forget to
bring your CPAP machine if you use one to help you sleep better. On the day of surgery, your nurse, anesthesiologist and surgeon will verify that you are ready to go. Please make sure that we
have a contact phone number, so that we can provide your
loved ones with updates during and following your surgery. In fact, you will provided with a code, so your loved ones can track your progress throughout your procedure
on a TV in the waiting room. You can even give the code to loved ones who are out of state, so they may get the information from afar. We will give you and your
family members the instructions when we admit you. While you are a patient,
we want to make your guest as comfortable as possible too. That’s why we have a futon in your room for an overnight guest. Your loved ones may purchase food from our cafe and dine
in the room with you. Our campus has wireless internet access and our Skylight Interactive
television has a wealth of programming and education. Please let your visitors know that we are a tobacco-free campus. Managing your pain after
surgery is very important to us. Let us know in advance
what has worked for you and any concerns you might
have prior to surgery. Before surgery, we will
ask you to set a pain goal. This will help our team
know a level of comfort you would like to reach,
especially during activities. And while we would all love
to hear a goal of zero, that is not realistic following surgery. We want you to be your very best advocate. So after surgery, we will
frequently ask you what number on the scale you are feeling to see if you are reaching your goal and ensure that the medication is working. Your safety is our top priority, so we will check on your often. We wanna see how well you are breathing, if you are alert, able
to have a conversation and how well you can move. Remember, there are other
ways to control pain too, deep breathing, changing positions, music and relaxation techniques. We always wanna be sure that
we are ahead of the curve and managing your pain
before it is uncomfortable. Please be sure to let your nurse know if your pain is getting
worse, you need medication or your pain is not being controlled. While we know the healing
effects of these medications, sometimes you might
experience side effects. And because you might be
at greater risk for a fall, if you’re feeling a little woozy, please call your nurse before getting up from the bed or a chair. Some of the more common
side effects are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness, rash, itchiness, dry mouth,
constipation, et cetera. Speaking of constipation,
we want you to do your best to avoid it before,
during and after surgery. Eat foods high in fiber
and drink plenty of water. If you experience any side effects, please let your nurse know. We wanna be sure you are
comfortable during your recovery. You’ve heard the adage, an ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure, well, that’s because it’s true. At Sky Ridge, our goal
is to prevent infection, pneumonia, and blood clots, and you can help us. Good hand hygiene and following
your pre-op instructions is critical to preventing infection. If you have a Foley catheter
to drain your bladder, it will be removed quickly after surgery to help prevent urinary tract infections. After you are discharged, please remember to have clean
linens and towels handy. And as much as we love them, please don’t allow your pets
near your surgical site. If you see redness in your incision area or have a fever or chills,
call your doctor right away. To help prevent pneumonia, you will have an incentive spirometer to help you clear the
anesthesia from your lungs. We will let you know how to use it. A sticky pad attached to a box
may be placed on your finger to measure oxygen too. And don’t forget your flu vaccine. Preventing blood clots is paramount to us, and you can help by walking with staff assistance of course. We may provide other
preventative measures, such as compression stockings, et cetera, but knowing the signs of a
possible blood clot is key. Are you short of breath? Are you noticing any redness or swelling? Do you have pain in the legs? Alert us immediately,
or if you are at home, please call 911. And now to address a question
that may be on your mind, what can I go home? You will be discharged when
you are medically stable and have met your discharge goals. We will keep you and your family informed throughout your stay, so you
can best plan your trip home. On discharge day, we strive
to discharge you by 11 a.m. Please be sure that you have
someone to drive you home that day, and we have case managers who can work with you should you need additional
services after discharge. As you can see, our goal is to provide you with high-quality care in an compassionate, healing environment. As a Joint Commission Top Performer in key quality indicators,
a Leapfrog A rated hospital for safety, and a high achiever
in patient satisfaction, we want you and your family to have a beyond-expectations experience. We are proud that you chose Sky Ridge and look forward to caring for you soon. (upbeat music)

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  1. Do you provide same gender teams for those of us who do not want exposed before, during or after surgery for modesty and dignity needs? If not will you please start addressing these needs especially for men who do not want female cnas, scrubs or nurses. Men are just as modest as women and also want their needs met.

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