Pregnancy & Postpartum Care: Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center

Hi I’m Julia from Pelvic Health and
Rehab Center here in our Berkley clinic. And as a pregnant mom, as well as pelvic
floor PT I’m going to tell you five things that you need to know through
pregnancy as well as postpartum that your doctors might not tell you. So the
first one is about kegels. Do you think you’re doing them correctly? Probably not.
And you’re not alone. Most women who are just given verbal instruction are not
able to do them properly. Number two is something called a
diastasis recti which just means abdominal wall separation. When this
occurs low back pain can happen as well as urinary leakage and a whole bunch of
other deficits. The third thing is about painful sex. So 64% of women who are
postpartum experience painful sex lasting up to about a year and a half
postpartum. However if everyone saw pelvic floor PT this would not be the case. The fourth thing is leaking urine. This is a common sign, but it is not a normal sign. It
doesn’t mean that you just had a baby. There are things that you can do to
remedy the situation which is why pelvic floor PT is so great. This all accumulates into something called the fourth trimester which is number five.
This was a term coined in 2018 by the American College of Obstetrics and
Gynecology, and it just basically means that there needs to be additional care
for a postpartum women. And that’s something that we do here at PHRC.
Everyone has a unique story during pregnancy as well as postpartum, and we
heal people from the inside out.

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