Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: What to Expect at Winchester Medical Center

We have so many resources at our fingertips. Nurses that adore taking care of patients with natural birth. Nurses also very eager to get a patient pain management, should they want that very quickly. We want to make this as much of a positive experience for them, but also get them through that, as well as their baby through that, in a very happy and healthy fashion. Health for mom and baby are our utmost priority. We have excellent physicians, excellent surgeons, excellent anesthesiologists. We have Maternal Fetal Medicine, we have a Neonatal ICU (NICU), we have a Mother-Baby unit that really encompasses the philosophy of mothers and babies being together and trying to keep this time very sacred from the moment you give birth, to the moment you leave the hospital. It was the most perfect experience I could ever ask for, honestly. It was just the best birth! First thing I normally do, you know, is kind of figure out what their birth plan is. They’re normally excited to talk about it. So it’s fun to just sit and figure out their plans and what they plan on doing. The care team there was absolutely wonderful. They were very conscientious about my birth plans, and they helped me hold true to what I really wanted ultimately in the end. Once you come over from Labor & Delivery, that’s when we take care of you over here. Teaching the the mom how to take care of herself and the baby when she goes home, help that dad change that first diaper, learn how to swaddle. We’re here for all of that. Even breastfeeding help. Prenatal education is so important, because it helps the parents feel more confident and comfortable with the birth process. We have a variety of classes that we offer online. We have Childbirth Education, we have Newborn Care, and we also have Breastfeeding classes. Breastfeeding is really tough for the first couple of weeks. It takes a lot of practice on both the mom’s side and the baby’s side. And you know, if you really are wanting to be successful, and have that breastfeeding as your end goal, then it’s really important to just get through those first couple of weeks so that you can get breastfeeding established. Darcy had issues at the beginning with her latch, and we really struggled. It was really wonderful to have 24/7 help. They were in there all the time. Becoming a mother is such a wonderful experience. It can also be a very stressful experience. So helping these patients to learn what it is to become a new mom, and help them get through some of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a new mom, and seeing that patient grow and flourish is just- it’s an amazing feeling! The whole birthing experience was very beautiful. I couldn’t have been more happy with how they cared for me. I really felt like everybody was cheering me on. It was a little family within the room, which was important to me because that’s what I was creating. So it was nice to have that feeling

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