Power of Possible: Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

Welcome to this week’s Power of Possible,
brought to you by UConn Health. Eighty percent of our diseases are preventable with
lifestyle changes, and we need to learn about that and what we can do about it
before we need the medications. I was overweight. I had recently been diagnosed
as a type-2 diabetic. Before seeing Brad, I was kind of like all over the place:
yo-yo dieting, blood pressure uncontrollable… And we really started
embracing their lifestyle—the diet, the exercise, the stress management.
So we were very specific on how we set up the exercise, and the type of foods
for them individually. Instantly the next time we did lab work we could see the
results. I want to find another way, you know, instead of medication. I can do much more physically, my endurance is is greater; it’s all because
I made that appointment with Brad. I’m not a diabetic anymore, I don’t have to
take medication anymore—that’s a good thing. When we looked at the lab work,
it’s completely controlled and we can stop medication. They can eat whatever
they want but now they’ve kind of realized with plant-based nutrition how much
better they feel overall: mentally, psychologically, and how much more
they’re doing with their grandkids. They’re enjoying life. I want them just
to keep doing that. We can keep up with the kids. That’s a good thing!

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