Power of God in a hospital – with Torben Søndergaard

the Holy Spirit took over the moon and she is filled with the Holy Spirit [Music] Nancy Beck again hello everyone we are here to share with you a little bit about what God has done in our lives you think we are expecting to work to help at the kickstart we were preparing ourselves but our daughter became ill she had to be hospitalized about two months before the event I was praying and asking God like he would touch our family and that he would use us at this event I asked him to speak especially to Amanda and asked for him to give her an experience where she would really encounter God many people came to the hospital to pray for her because Amanda was very ill she had pancreatitis she was vomiting a lot and we continued for many days on the date or band came to the hospital room he started to pray for her he get off Jesus here singing songs to nobody they do well you don’t else’s like they are very soft function I believe in you can I ask you right now get me free leave my body the Holy Spirit took over the moon ensure it’s filled with the Holy Spirit freed up nothing – nothing – nothing [Music] he continued training until all her pain was gone other day they all Pig goat at mendidik I’m willing to this body will achieve [Music] [Music] thing to this body starting to water-soluble absinthe and then we work equally thank you for completing opportunity revival when he finished praying he asked her how she was and she responded I’m hungry she wanted to eat and since the moment she has no longer vomited her test results were continuously improving and today her test results are normal we also had the opportunity in the hospital to talk with other people about Jesus to tell my daughter’s testimony to tell the other doctors and nurses how she was healed today we were able to bring our daughter to lasting a kickstart the doctor when he was giving her the discharge form said something supernatural happened after your daughter was healed three other children had an impressive improvement and we’re going to be discharged – Amanda became rejuvenated she became healthy she did not vomit anymore she started to eat normally and she is very joyful for everything God has done even at the hospital without going to the meeting God came to us and gave us an experience with him so we are very happy and thankful that God used Torben to feel and bless our daughter we are so thankful for all the people who prayed and thankful for the amazing experience God has given us because it could be beyond office on ouya my god you

100 thoughts on “Power of God in a hospital – with Torben Søndergaard

  1. Im always a bit skeptical about all of this, but this is a real one 1.tears of repentance 2.joy from the holy spirit, 3.healing of the family broken heart. looks genuine, thank you God, and thank you Torben.

  2. Please heai a girlfriend named Barbara Bock, you helped her with brain cancer now she has lung cancer, she believes in Jesus healing 2 years since I prayed on your website Chistian love Jeff Los

  3. I have a daughter that age. I wonder what nurse gave her pain medicine before this video. She's in the hospital getting treated by doctors moments before the video, and he just brought comfort and hope. She didn't have grade 4 cancer, id like to see that video. This guy is a fake. The music moves you into a dangerous false feeling.

  4. i was a near dead homeless drunk and on the second day in the detox unit
    i woke and the lord had fixed me one time . that 14 years ago and i feel the power every day . peace and love to all


  6. This is all true ! Jesus is comming very soon , so repent and
    get baptised in water ! www.thelastreformation.com

  7. My first time healing people through Jesus and what a feeling it was I layer hand on 5 people today necks and back all healed today what an awesome experience love you Jesus praise god

  8. Let me guess….after this, God healed everyone else in the hospital right? Oh, just this one for your video? Ok….

  9. This is real.. Jesus said…. Your faith hath healed you…. they blieved the girl was deeply touched and understands the praying even she have spoken the prayer in Tongues. PRAISE GOD !!!

  10. It is why i always say Only JESUS is the healer. Thank you Jesus. And God bless you more the servant of God also pray for me too.

  11. This builds my faith. More more more Lord. Help me build my faith. I want to do great things for the Lord as well.

  12. Pauvre petite… Que DIEU la délivre
    Et on peut savoir pourquoi il met ses mains sur elle comme ça????

  13. I have ET and i ask you kindly to pray for me.
    Jesus heal me not to do a lot of things not to do everything but to do what you want me to do.

  14. Please pray that all the people around me learn to heal permanently IN one hour THANK YOU. May the good God bless you all for all your Loving PRAYERS amen.

  15. Hello , am from Africa and I want to say that this is a true pastor Using Gods power of the holy spirit. True pastor need to do like him to reach out to those in need. So that the false prophets won't have any room for confusing the church. Yes eg of false prophets is TB Joshua of Nageria, he use evil power ,staged miracles, temporary miracles and just use fear on there followers and an enemy of the church.

  16. God still heals today and many times doctors are at a lost for words. At same time no healing is done through Benny Hinn or other faith healers. Instead of going to faith healers who are only out for money and their glory, turn to and trust in the Lord.

  17. Thank Jesus for using someone and Torben for the healing! I’m so happy to see much of people repent and be healed! This is the promise of God in this last days that He pour out The Holy Spirit to everyone young or old thanks Jesus Christ my King and my God!

  18. I am new to this, so, can someone explain what all the medical-like equipment on her does in the process? Is it for channeling the holy spirit, or it could it be for scaring away satan? There must be some effect, otherwise, this should've been conducted on a church, but I can't figure out myself what exactly that equipment does. I surely imagine it must be some powerful tool of faith, though, to make them prefer this place over any other to pray for her.

  19. Wow, this was so touching. May God continue to do amazing things through his obedient servants. All glory to the King of kings Yeshuah/Jesus.

  20. "If you abide in me and my words abide in you,ask whatsoever you will,and it shall be granted unto you"

    u must abide in him
    This has a condition attached to it

  21. I have not been crying for a long time and not even if I wanted but when I looked at this video I do not know what happened but I started to cry instantly God is power

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