Porcupine Quills in a Cow’s Face | The Incredible Dr. Pol

– Hello. Good morning, Doc. NARRATOR: The
clinic’s next patient got a little too curious– What have we got? Porcupine quills in the nose. You’re kidding. NARRATOR: –and is paying
for it through the nose. How many? Ah, over 10. Porcupines are pretty
common in Michigan. He’s had it multiple times. Oh, you poked me
with that quill. Hello. But I’ve never seen a cow
with quills in her face. Porcupines are out already? Usually cows don’t
get close to porcupines. They’re usually pretty afraid
of things that they’re new to. Oh, bud. Come here. They’re around. I just never thought
that them and the cows would have an issue. OK. I got to get going. I’m hope that the
Doc can get them out and not upset her too much. Just in the nose? – Yeah.
– OK. As far as we know. – As far as we know.
– OK. We’ll get a halter on her. I’ll give her some sedation. And we’ll try to get
those quills out. Come on, girl. OK. Got it? Yep. Hang tight. Going down. Well, that didn’t take long. [laughs] So the cow’s now sedated. Now all I have to do
is just pull them out. This is the first
cow I have seen that wanted to get some quills. They’re not too deep. There’s not too many of them. And who else gets
to say they pulled the quills out of a cow’s face? OK. [laughs] Good girl. OK. Think we got them all. This cow will be fine. Ooh, there. Wake up. [laughs] Wake up. You’re going to
tell her, wake up. Come on, sweetheart. Dr. Nicole did
a good job today. Good girl. Don’t go by porcupines anymore. Yeah. Just– just hope she
don’t get into any more.

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