Polycystic Ovaries – Dr Amma Kyei-Mensah, London Wellwoman Clinic, on polycystic ovaries

Polycystic ovaries are very common; it’s not quite the same as having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. A lot of women become anxious, but there’s
no need for that. One in five women will have a scan appearance to their ovaries, which we
consider polycystic: the ovary is a little bit larger and we see
lots of small cysts which are structures called follicles that
contain the eggs. We have a scan appearance, we have
clinical symptoms and we have blood tests. And the way we
diagnose polycystic ovary syndrome is that you need two out of the three
categories so you may have polycystic ovaries on scan
and the problem with periods but all your blood test are entirely normal
that would be PCO and similarly a problem with unwanted hair and normal ovaries but blood tests that suggests that there is a slight increase in male hormone.
We would make the diagnosis on that. In terms of having the blood
tests, we have a large pathology unit, so bloods taken during a daytime clinic will be processed within 24 hours and
those results will be available to the clinician and the patient certainly
within about forty eight to seventy two hours. So you have in one unit the expertise and the facilities to make the right diagnoses. We have skilled nurses who have a
knowledge of the syndrome as well, who will help us as well.
We have Gynaecologists who have the expertise to get the history and make the diagnosis.
We have high-resolution ultrasound machines with skilled ultrasonographers and
radiographers. We have got the right range experts, we have the right range of facilities to investigate you in a timely fashion, to refer on if necessary and in general I think to
reduce anxiety about this actually much misunderstood syndrome.

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