100 thoughts on “Police Search Terminally Ill Cancer Patient’s Hospital Room For Marijuana | NBC Nightly News

  1. Sadly, I believe it was President Nixon in the 70’ made marijuana a
    Schedule 1 drug a sort of “gateway drug” they then believed that marijuana would cause people to eventually use other dangerous drugs. The worst part is these are some of the still schedule ll drugs which still has tight restrictions but can easily be used for research unlike marijuana. Here are some schedule ll class drugs:
    *Combination products with less than 15 milligrams of hydrocodone per dosage unit (Vicodin), cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone, hydromorphone (Dilaudid), meperidine (Demerol), oxycodone (OxyContin), fentanyl, Dexedrine, Adderall, and Ritalin
    *(information copied from dea.gov)
    So I’ve heard that drugs like meth are highly addictive after just a few uses. Looks like in my opinion some of these need to be flipped from schedule ll to schedule l.
    I fully believe that marijuana has several uses I actually did not know quite a bit of my personal medical problems are treatable with marijuana means less pills for me which I have many medications I must take. A disease like mine that is miss diagnosed or missed altogether by the medical community. In conclusion I do believe they are able to research with it now, however, many years of research have been lost due to its strict class schedule.
    I also wanted to note, I’m really tired of all these new anti-opiate laws it’s screwing with my med combinations. It seems once I get on track with my meds making me function better another law comes out restricting my legal use and adding more visits per year which I cannot afford. I agree there are some doctors that will dish out anything. Some people sell their drugs on the streets. I just wonder why everyone sick and or in pain has to pay for the many who use their medication as income or abuse them. They should be going after those people not making those of us who do what we are directed by our physicians with our medications. This is horrible how they treated this man it infuriates me the hospital staff worry about things that has nothing to do with our care. What, is he going to be fined and add another end of life debt to his more than likely enormous hospital bills. I would file a complaint with the hospital for treating him like this. I mean I’m in the medical field I understand end of life care. It gets to the point where they will give him unlimited morphine injections closer to his death anyway who cares if he uses a marijuana pill.

  2. Cops cant let person use med that can ease pain in piece with dignity ,that don't want opioeds .Shame on COPS !!!!!

  3. "What would you do if you had stage four pancreatic cancer, officer?" Officer: "Look I’m not in that situation so I’m not gonna play the what if’s game!" And that’s why more and more people, don’t care if a cop gets shot. They’re not in that situation, so why play the "what if’s" game? Especially when the cops won’t even play the "what if’s," game and consider you rights and feelings, and how they’d feel if they were you, when you’re dying of stage four cancer.

  4. The best legal advice for the city of bolivar is to immediately terminate the officers who were present and make them publicly apologize on live t.v. and make them admit that what they did was wrong. The city should offer a decent amount of money out of court to this man and his family, also they should have to donate a large sum to a cancer treatment and prevention center.

  5. What make me so angry is that the police say they didn't did anything wrong…I ask myself how can those cops still have a job common sense should tell you…this men is not a threat to anyone..God bless his heart I hope he can leave this world in peace

  6. If the cops had found some small amount of marijuana I wonder what they would have done about it. Did they intend to take him to jail and let him die there?

  7. The sad truth is that some police pursue "the law" only because of the money generated by the forfeiture laws….

  8. This is disgustingly shameful. This is about as helpful as a cop will / can ever be in America from now on. FREEDOM.

  9. The US government needs to fully legalize the use and possession of marijuana now. Instead of spending his time on trying to get congress to fund a useless wall Trump needs to make an effort to legalize marijuana if he truly wants to leave a legacy to the American people. Otherwise he will go down in history as just another failed president.

  10. History repeats itself. Again, cops who can't follow the law. "A Utah nurse who was forcibly arrested when she refused to let an officer draw blood from an unconscious patient has reached a settlement worth half a million dollars.
    Alex Wubbels reached an agreement with Salt Lake City and the University of Utah following the videotaped and highly-publicized arrest at the university hospital's burn unit. "The settlement was for $500,000," Wubbels' lawyer, Karra Porter, told CNN."

  11. can we have a level of compassion in our jobs and not just try to act like rule following robots…dude just dodged every question instead of trying to have a real conversation and listen to the man

  12. Disgusting cops let the poor man alone! The hospital also needs to learn to help their patients not allow cops to harass a dying man.

  13. The man is dying for God's sake… Where's the compassion and basic humanity???
    I want to know who called the cops on him. They should ALL be ashamed of themselves!!!

  14. Missouri: Backassward march into the dark ages. Just doing their falling government best to crash the country into a Venezuelan nirvana. Jesus Saves.
    – Watchmen

  15. Sorry, I understand the man is terminally ill but does he have a medical card? Was he not informed smoking of any kind is not tolerated in hospital. A lot of people are looking at this one sided. As a nurse, I could see why the police were informed. Any medication that is not prescribed by a physician in that hospital could hold you liable. There’s protocol and procedures

  16. Repost of Mike Kenner :The best legal advice for the city of bolivar is to immediately terminate the officers who were present and make them publicly apologize on live t.v. and make them admit that what they did was wrong. The city should offer a decent amount of money out of court to this man and his family, also they should have to donate a large sum to a cancer treatment and prevention center.

  17. The cops are right old dying white guys are always on street corners selling dope lmfao keystone cops barney fife school of policing

  18. My friend is a quadriplegic who suffers from chronic pain and a cop busted him once for half a joint. Held him for 3 hours in a parking lot in the rain but couldn't find a cop wagon to come arrest him so he let him go with a fine and court appearance.

  19. Profit over pain is the agenda here. If the government and big pharma can't make all the money, they don't want it. Not to mention the ignorant people who still think it's Heroin ffs. This makes me angry.

  20. And ALL OF THESE OFFICERS always line up to OPPOSE drug law reform. They defend themselves by saying "we only ENFORCE the laws, we don't make them" as if to imply they don't agree with them, but they ALWAYS oppose marijuana legalization. They are ALSO the ones who spread this 'so called medical marijuana' phrase. There's nothing 'so-called' about it! STOP calling it that, and STOP showing up to oppose changing laws if 'you just enforce them'!

  21. I wonder if they would've actually arrested or fined him if he indeed had some marijuana in the bag, the man is terminally ill how is to pay a fine when he's dead? would they charge him with possession and let him die in jail? If not then why even bother? A little discretion and or compassion would have done a lot more good than searching a dying man, Humanity is so flawed, we can do better.

  22. WTF did the hospital even allow the officers in?…and if they "had too" because of a subpoena/warrant…then lets see it?. F**king Misery. never liked that backward assed state.

  23. If I was dying I would have marijuana, cocaine and heroin in my room. I would definitely be partying on my last days.

  24. We should find out who actually called the police and filed the
    complaint but also the names of police officers who harassed the
    patient. Anyone can request the information simply by making a public
    records request >>>>

  25. MSM is 100% complicit in this activity. Their absolute failure in reporting the true nature of marijuana is what keeps police departments safe. Shame on the media, the hospital, and the police

  26. "I'm not in your situation, so I'm not going to play the what if game." So the cop has zero empathy for a terminal cancer patient….. sad.

  27. Hospital should be sued for violating hipaa laws, if it's not manufacture or produced by big Pharma and nobody's making a profit, if We have opioid epidemic that is going on in our country, what a disgrace to our country has become!!! money first.. This man's is in stage four and has slim to no chance of surviving. Please just let this man live in peace.. Shameful absolutely shameful no compassion for people in our country.. And I love my country.. But I am ashamed of all the corrupt Congress and state legislators..JMO

  28. shameful and heartless
    I bet these guys would tackle a 5 year old if they saw him j walking
    “just doing my job” is what captured nazi said too
    These guys aren’t hired to think for themselves which is precisely why the hiring qualifications need to change! Emotional intelligence should be the foundational hiring requirement.

  29. Don’t nobody care about the law, he’s dying….wtf is wrong with this hospital. I hope he found a different hospital.

  30. Remember that "Protect and Serve" is NOT for you, its for them. This is the new look of community policing. There will be alot of hand wringing and written apologies and nothing, nothing will change or get better. The police were there to find an arrest able offense to issue a citation for revenue.

  31. It is too bad that not one person in this room said "This is really looking bad for us..Let's get the fruck outta here and let him die in peace." Shows the level of compassion from all hospital staff and from what we've now come expect from those that serve and protect by writing revenue generating citations and putting helpless people in jail. You can see it in their attitudes, voices and actions. Sad day for everyone…. including the dying patient.

  32. Ironic… it's been legalized by vote, and yet they are using the operation to teach for future situations… what future situations? It's no longer an issue – by vote.

  33. Hopefully the 3 cops watch there whole family especially there kids all die a long slow death of cancer. Thank you!!!

  34. This hospitals reviews say it all. Nothing lawful about this. The staff responsible for this at Citizens Memorial Hospital should also be immediately fired along with the officers.

  35. Someone needs to shred some asbestos and release it into the air of their station. Hopefully knowing that they will get cancer sometime in the next 30 years will help change their attitudes towards cancer patient rights.

  36. The hospital and the police should BOTH be sued. The cops' facebook page is down. Guess they can't take the heat.

  37. “Respect is part of our core values” maybe if they used and of those core values this wouldn’t be online right now

  38. No! Not happening….very disappointed in those officers! No reasonable person would've said that they're going to use the video to explore and imorove on …what?!?! This is alarming to any sane person. Fire those cops,!!!!!!!

  39. Has a petition been started to fire these clowns and bar them from any future work related to law enforcement? THIS is why people call police officers pigs.

  40. Proves police are evil and want you to die. Weed should be legal! Everywhere. Noones died from it EVER. This is a joke. The cops just want to profit to buy toys for the department because they don't understand the healing and relaxation of weed. That's the truth. They too know it's a plant. Yet alcohol aka legal poison is fine give me a break!!!

  41. ITS CALLED POLICE ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS WITH NO COMPASSION FOR A DYING MAN…. They uphold the law until it’s against them….. then it’s “We’ve conducted a full/extensive investigation over the last year and a half and have come to the conclusion that OUR officers acted lawfully. We will NOT be releasing any information because it is now a personnel matter which is confidential.” THEY HATE THE COUNTRY AND THE CITIZENS AND THERE IS ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.

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