Pokemon Go: Rehab

Well everyone, welcome, this is our first
meeting. Um, so.. I usually start off with introductions. So why don’t we go around,
um, let’s say counterclockwise. So, we’ll start with you. My name’s Andrew (Hi Andrew)
Hi, I’m Sam. Hi… I’m Matt. Hi my name is Christine. (Hi Christine) I hit rockbottom
after I crashed my car, while using. I don’t know what happened, all of a sudden I was
just- bam. My addiction got so bad… was using at work. Sneaking into the bathroom, to get my fix. I would go out all night. I wouldn’t even go home. I would go to sketchy
parts of town and meet people, go to parks to do it. We’d be there all night. It just
never felt like it. I would, uh, I would even break into people’s houses. Trying to get what I can. I wouldn’t even think twice about it I was just there, in someone’s home. Taking
whatever I could. I lost everything, my job my house, my wife.. my wife left me, she just
up and left. My kids. I don’t know what to do I feel my life’s being torn apart by this
problem of mine. I just sat there, I just sat there using. I was just there, in someone’s
house. It was dead silent. When my wife found, she was livid, She yelled, and threw
things at me. And then she gathered all her stuff, and she got to the door. I will never
forget what she said to me, “Team Valor!” And then slammed the door, so I yelled back, “Team Mystic!!” The cops were called due to activity. They took me in called my family. The worst part about it all was, telling my family about my addiction. I just sat there and waited for the cops to show up. And then my phone died, right when they
showed up, and I couldn’t catch the Onix. The owners, they woke up, I was laying right
in between them. He was so.. horrified. And, he went to kick me out, I never saw that Pikachu
again. He was right there. I wasted a lure at a Pokestop, the park closed at sundown.
The cops didn’t care at all. My son, who doesn’t even know what a Bulbasuar is, keeps taking my damn Gym. You’re dead to me. Alright folks, so we are done for the evening. Thank you
very much, please come back on time, next time, those who were late. You think
we could’ve found a better building? One that didn’t have a Gym and a Pokestop in it. Who is BigBrian six nine six nine? Hehe! This is my Gym! There’s a Pikachu nearby!!

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