Podiatry in Carroll, Iowa | Dr. Abby Williams | McFarland Clinic

I went to the University of Iowa and got my
biology degree, and then I went to Des Moines University for my doctorate. And then I did a three-year surgical residency
out in Pennsylvania, and then we came back to the Midwest. I like to get to know the patient, know their
lifestyle, what they like to do, what jobs they like to accomplish–especially since
it regards their feet–and then see how we can help them get better and get back onto
their feet and doing their activities that they like to do throughout their day. I really like patients to focus on what their
primary concern is and, when they realize that a problem is really bothering them, to
take note when it’s hurting them the most so that we can try and identify the problem
and come to a resolution. I really like to take care of diabetics and
educate them on how to prevent complications such as foot amputations and giving them all the
tools that they need to avoid those consequences that can happen. “Extraordinary Care” to me means going above
and beyond and really caring for the patient and their families. I like to play with my two boys who are three
and nine months and spend time with my husband and my family.

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