Play “This or That” with the Stars of ABC’s General Hospital

Oh, I think I know who you’re gonna go with. Oh I’m gonna go with Lady Tremaine. You are? I am. You know why? She was in love with her first husband and he died and it broke her heart. It’s a
big back story. She has a lot of layers I vote…I go for her. I love her,
yeah. Cinderella. Yeah. Mr. Incredible! Absolutely! Yeah, Mr. Incredible. I didn’t really like scar from The Lion King Too evil. He should stay dead. Scar should stay dead for sure. I think…for me…Aladdin. I think he’s…yeah, I like Aladdin! Yeah, he lied a little bit but then he came clean. I say Aladdin. Pocahontas. Pocahontas. Say yeah to Pocahontas. Yeah, there you go.

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