Platte Clinic takes insurance out of health care

Leah: Imagine having 24/7 access to your doctor without needing insurance – that’s a medical model Dr. David Sachs is trying out. 2 SOTW1 43 So the usual patient experience is that they call… 3 VO/MINI-DISCW2 55 3 SOTW3 43 ….and then they come to the waiting room and they fill out forms… 4 VO/MINI-DISCW4 53 – and a lot of empty desk space. But at Platte Medical Clinic, that’s the point. 4 SOTW5 44 …and this will be quite different from usual patient experience. 1 VO/MINI-DISCW6 55 No paperwork or insurance politics here – because, Doctor Brian Sachs doesn’t acccept it. 1 SOTW7 44 You can think of it like a 24-hour gym and in exchange you get to access me as much as you need or want to. 2 SOTW8 43 It’s essentially a pay for service – except instead of buying an insurance policy, you’re buying a membership. 3 VO/MINI-DISCW9 55 It’s called ‘direct primary care’ – where patients pay a flat monthly fee for anytime-access to their doctor – and experts say it could be cheaper in the long-run. 3 SOTW10 45 The research shows that if patients had had access to primary care before they got into a more complicated situation, the costs of delivering healthcare overall would be less. 4 SOTW11 44 We’re getting tired of the insurance game. 1 VO/MINI-DISCW12 55 Dr. Sachs says the model means less politics for patients – 1 SOTW13 44 I didn’t go into medicine to work for them. I went in to be able to take care of the patient. 2 VO/MINI-DISCW14 55 – and cleaner countertops, too. 2 SOTW15 43 Phenomenally less paperwork, yeah. 3 SOTW16 45 Leah: Platte Medical officially opens Aug. 3. The clinic has already signed up 50 patients, with the goal of eventually reaching 500. In Platteville, I’m LL for WISC N3.

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